bogging down

  1. jjrey

    1995 GTX won’t run right after 30 mins

    Hey guys, new to this jet ski life! I bought a 1995 GTX, had no issues other than gauges not working, brought it home and rode it no issues for about 1-2 hours. Next weekend I take it out and boom! Dies repeatedly and has a rough time starting. When throttle was slightly engaged or fully engaged...
  2. T


    I recently just picked up my first jet ski, a 1994 Seadoo XP. When I picked it up the owner had it hooked up to a hose and it fired right up and ran through its range without issue. Mechanic brother along for advice. Wanted a water test but jumped on it anyways for $1300 with trailer. Just put...
  3. Aaron787gsx

    01 sea doo gti 717 at full throttle rides fine after a couple of minutes will start to bog down and shut off

    Hey everyone my wife was out on our sea doo gti and was riding it and out of no where it would shut off almost like it was not getting the right amount of fuel. Since then I rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel lines just curious if anyone knew what it might be there was no change after...
  4. E

    1995 Spi issue

    Hey, just joined this forum and purchased a 1995 Spi last month as a summer project. I took it for a test ride and it went about 40 mph just fine, with seemingly no issues, other than a battery that needed to be charged before every use. I had the ski sitting for about 2 weeks while I was giving...
  5. H

    2001 GTS issues after new engine

    I own a 2001 GTS that had blown an engine. I took it upon myself to by a new SBT engine and attempt a replace myself. After replacing the engine i was able to get it to fire right up with almost no issues. I let if run for a while and do a proper break in. While out of water i am able to apply...
  6. L

    Spark 3up no power

    My spark doesn’t have power even after wear ring replacement (which was beat up). Won’t go above 5500 rpm. Prior to wear ring replacement: Was going full speed, started bogging. Got progressively worse to the point it wouldn’t even get out of the water. Eventually lead to rattly/grindy noise...
  7. PolloCalores

    96 XP Bogging Down

    Had my 96 XP on the lake today and about 5-10 mins after putting in, the engine suddenly bogged down and would only move roughly 5mph. I played with the throttle a bit and about 10-20 seconds later it was up and running again like nothing happened. About 5 minutes later the same issue occurred...
  8. legendarydave

    Bogging problem. Not the normal stuff.

    New member here!! Hey everybody. I'm new here so be freakin nice to me. I've been a mechanic for 18 years, I've owned several different 2 and 4 stroke vehicles. 1 cylinder all the way to 10 cylinders. I've never found a problem that I was unable to solve with or without help. That being...
  9. T

    Hello fellow seadoo'ers

    I have been reading the information in this forum for some time now and really appreciate that people will take the time to try and help resolve problems others have. I have been dogged with an issue on one of my 1997 GTX's for many years and the dealer has now refused to work on a 2-stroke pwc...
  10. thewvsignguy

    My First Ride 95 SPI need some advise

    Being that the temp was going to get in the 80's today I dropped the doo in the water last night. It started right up and being that I have never rode a jet ski I took it easy for the first 10 minutes checking to make sure I was not stranded in the middle of the lake. So I have a few...
  11. B

    95 SPX bogging down, then not starting at all! HELP!

    OK, came across a wierd problem on my 1995 SPX, It started just fine, then when I tried to open it up it just didn't have any power, just bogged at a low speed. I changed the spark plugs and it ran great for about 10 mins, then started to lose power again. I stopped it, then waited for a...
  12. Sandman1xx

    '95 SPI - Runs perfect - Then Bogs down to Idle

    Hey Everyone.... I'm a Newbie here. I will apologize in advance for redundant questions. I have searched the "Fuel - Bog - Power" tag words and have narrowed my issue down to about 10 possible causes. Please help...... I have recently purchased this '95 SPI. Initially, I rebuilt the jet...
  13. S

    1997 challenger bogging

    787 single engine boat, won't rev past 4000, new plugs, clean raves, idles fine,first time out this season, any ideas???
  14. A

    bogging-- rich?? (I think) (also slow)

    Ok, so I took my 97 gti out today. It ran good all day. It is slow (35mph). But otherwise dependable. Started flawless and idled flawless everytime. At the end of the day it started bogging on acceleration. I think it is an issue of too much oil. (pump blocked off, runs premix)(I did put more...
  15. L

    1996 GTI bogging down

    Hi I have a 1996 GTI and it was bogging down so I check some posts and replaced the gray lines, cleaned the carbs and cleaned the selector switch. So last weekend I took it to the lake to a test run and it worked better but still doesn't get to max speed, when I give it full throttle tries...