1995 GTX won’t run right after 30 mins

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Hey guys, new to this jet ski life! I bought a 1995 GTX, had no issues other than gauges not working, brought it home and rode it no issues for about 1-2 hours. Next weekend I take it out and boom! Dies repeatedly and has a rough time starting. When throttle was slightly engaged or fully engaged it would die or completely shut off and have a really hard time cranking back. Sounds like it was a cammed 350 Chevrolet, and then dies again. Long story short I take it home, clean carbs thoroughly, change plugs, flush out fuel lines, get new fuel, the whole 9 yards. Took it out yesterday and what do you know….same thing only this time I got about 20 minutes of fun! While cruising at about 45 it started bucking, then nose dives after going from full power to about 0. Remind you at this time I still have throttle fully engaged! Sounds cammed again and bucks and stutters until it dies. The only difference between this time and last is now it’ll go about 15mph full throttle for 30 seconds then completely bog down and die. Wont start back even when choked for about a minute, then do the same thing. Checked the jet pump and impeller for debris and it was clean, flushed it and everything. STILL HAPPENING! At this point I’m ready to give up, y’all are my last shot at figuring out what this is before sending it to my local shop and saying “here, fix it” thanks again! I appreciate any comments!


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Unfortunately I don't have your solution, my 1994 with 657 started to do the same at the end of last season. I figured I must have sucked something through the fuel filter into the carbs and needed to do another carb pull and rebuild which as we know is a complete pain. Did you by chance check how it runs in reserve vs. in normal fuel setting? Mine, even with a full tank would have an issue similar to what you described. I pulled the fuel lines and selector and all were clear. The only thing I didn't do was pull the fuel uptake tube inside the tank to see if the regular side had something in it which could create a random shut off. If that is clear I am headed back to another carb rebuild because I can't think of another reason why it would exhibit this behavior without something clogging a carb, having a vacuum impeding fuel delivery. Would love to hear some better wisdom from someone on the site, presume there must be a clear, oh yeah that makes sense answer to this issue
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