Bogging problem. Not the normal stuff.

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New member here!!

Hey everybody. I'm new here so be freakin nice to me.

I've been a mechanic for 18 years, I've owned several different 2 and 4 stroke vehicles. 1 cylinder all the way to 10 cylinders. I've never found a problem that I was unable to solve with or without help.

That being said, here I am, reluctantly asking for your help.

I have a 1996 GTi 717. It is bogging and surging constantly. smooth water, rough water, hot out or cold. I have replaced the carbs with a very reputable company's rebuilt units. Tempo lines are gone. Filter is new as well as the fuel selector valve. fuel tank was refurbished this winter, pump inspected and checked for function. Everything checks out. New plugs too. I have not yet checked out the drive or electrical systems. Nor have I done any deep inspections into the engine. The exhaust hose seems soft but it isn't collapsing yet. I did find water leak on one of the welded plugs on the tuned pipe, that has been fixed as well.

Please post about any other repairs related to bogging that haven't been covered (fuel related) in 90% of the other posts on the web.

Thanks in advance!!

If I think of anything else I've looked at, I will edit original posting. here \/

Using the choke at any rpm kills the engine.

I can get her to go if I fiddle the throttle. Holding the throttle at about 1/4 to 3/4 seems to help find a sweet spot that will at least keep it moving.

Could a pair of unsynced carbs cause bogging issues?
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Disconnect the red wire at the rectifier, then take it for a spin... Think though, your carb/s are still messed up
Do an air leak test. Procedure is in the repair manual which you can download for free off the Internet. You need a Pop Off tester and line clamps to do it. The water separator up front can be a problem! Gasket dries out and it leaks. Get's fuel splashed on it, seals and runs right, dries out, back to funky! Make sure the spark plug boots have dielectric tune up grease in them. It seals moisture out.
Look at all your electrical connections. Make sure all bolted connections are clean and protected with thin coat of Dielectric tune up grease. Check all junction plugs in wire harness. look for gunk and dirty. Swab some dielectric grease on male ends of plugs. Do not put grease in female ends. The junction plugs will not latch. If all this is OK I would think computer is toast. Do the basics, before you throw more money at it.
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