1. mejim707

    Re-route auto bilge circuit

    96 Seadoo Challenger: I read somewhere recently that attempting to turn the engine over without the spark plug wires connected to ground could overload the auto bilge circuit and blow the auto bilge water sensor circuit. Someone said they needed to reroute the circuit because of this. Since...
  2. MDH19

    2012 210 Wake Bilge Pump

    It seems that the lowest point in the boat is not where the factory place the bilge pump in the engine compartment of this boat. I leave the boat in the water for a week at a time between uses and the ski locker can gain significant water if there is a small leak somewhere which doesn’t trigger...
  3. sanes05

    Bilge pump wiring

    2008 Sea-Doo 180 Challenger So my original bilge pump went out. I am replacing it with a Rule pump with an automatic sensor built in. It now works perfect in auto but I cannot get the manual switch on the helm to work. Is this as simple as a bad switch possibly or is there something else that...
  4. S

    97 speedster Bilge drains

    So I got a leak somewhere. Just bought a 1997 seadoo speedster twin 85. My bulge pump is dead I think so I’m gonna replace. But I am confused on the drain holes. Back of the boat there are 2 holes. The left hole has threads on the inside of the hole. I have nothing screwed into that. And then...
  5. Nickname

    How to properly rinse/flush a ski bilge

    Hello guys, I was wondering how does one properly flush a bilge on a ski. I'm aware how to flush the exhaust, but not the bilge. Are you suppose to just start spraying the engine compartment with water? Doesn't seem like a good idea, even though i'm aware that it's a watercraft and things can...
  6. 3ftDeep

    How To Install a Bilge Pump on Your PWC

    Without a doubt, one of the best accessories you can get for your PWC is a bilge pump. The bailers that come with your jet ski just aren't enough to keep water out of your engine when a hull breach occurs. This video will show you how to install a little insurance to protect your baby. If you...
  7. K

    Bilge Replacement (2006 Speedster 200)

    I have two problems. One, I cannot figure out how to remove the existing Bilge pump. Secondly, I can't find an OEM replacement. 1) I tried to remove my bilge pump but can't figure out how. Do I turn the big "wing nut" looking assembly at the top? So far, that will only move about 5 degrees...
  8. T

    Newbie 1996 Challenger owner - some basic questions

    This is my first post other than my introduction in Meet and Greet. I was recently given a 1996 Challenger that had a corroded engine but got that replaced so it's brand new (2 days old). We've had the boat out only once but love it. I have a few questions that seem stupid but I don't know...
  9. E

    97 Challenger front fuse panel problem. No power to bilge, fan, lights.

    Hello all, i am so close to getting this boat in the water. 1997 challenger, i have no power to bilge, fan, lights. All fuses are good, front compartment and rear. The 20A supply in the rear compartment is good and has 12v. Moving to the front fuse block. The red and black wire plug into...
  10. M

    DOC - '97 Speedster Bilge Pump

    Doc- Let me start by thanking you for all your wonderful advice! It's awesome to have someone with such knowledge watching over hundreds of Seadoo users on a daily basis.. We cannot thank you enough... I recently purchased a 97 speedster and it runs great! The boat did not come with a...
  11. Brholwer

    1996 seadoo spx fuel gauge problems

    the fuel light is always on and show no bars of gas, what is wrong? also the bilge pump doesn't work i think, i was wondering where the bilge pump shoots out of?
  12. J

    URGENT Help Needed - Engine Compartment FULL of water!

    Hello all. Long time reader, but first time poster here. I have an emergency situation and would appreciate any and all input! We took our '98 Speedster to the lake for the weekend and had a blast. We decided to leave it tied up at the dock overnight, the first time ever, instead of...
  13. A

    1991 SP WATER inside PROBLEM

    :confused:Not New problem, as I see after I have searched the www as well as here, for answer or pictures - because looking at Manuals and Parts drawings as well as pictures found on the www related to 1991 Seadoo and similar years - nothing found explains to me how the Siphon System Works as...

    Seadoo sea doo speedster 200 2006 bilge Pump help always has water HELP !

    :stupid: Hi, I have a 2006 speedster 200 Im kinda a mister fix it even when I have no knowledge But heres my problem. I have the boat at a boat slip but on an air dock, so I does not sit in the water. But everytime it rains or I use it ... it has water when i open the floor. Sometime alot...I...
  15. L

    1996 challenger water in bilge

    1996 challenger trial run observations Hi, I took our recently purchased challenger out for a test run finally today. Ran pretty good overall. I did a couple of spin outs, but nothing excessive. When I pulled the boat out, there was a small (10"L) shallow water puddle in the bilge between...