1. P

    FOR SALE 2004 RXP and GTX plus trailer $8k San Diego, CA

    $8k for both Sea Doo's & Trailer. Sea Doo 2004 RXP 4-Tec Supercharged (2 seater), Sea Doo 2004 GTX 4-Tec Supercharged (3 seater) and double trailer. Superchargers were rebuilt at 187 & 185 hours. Currently have 213 and 215 hours. They run great and are super fast. I always have them covered when...
  2. Lotte

    Seadoo rxp 215 2004 free flow exhaust or through the hull?

    Hello everyone! I would like my jet ski to sound a little louder. But what should I do? The free flow option or through the hull? Does anyone have experience with these 2 options? Are there any issues where I should look out for? Greetings Lotte
  3. A

    2004 Sea Doo GTX Wakeboard Edition issues

    Recently bought a 2004 GTX Wakeboard edition. Knew it had some issues but was willing to fix it myself. Did the usual oil change, coolant flush, fuel flush, and new spark plugs. I have replaced the “spark plug tubes” because the bottom rings on those were allowing oil on the plug. That seemed...
  4. boettli

    2004 gtx 4-tec non-supercharged depth sounder

    Hey so I just bought my first Sea-Doo, in fact my first powered boat of any type, and was trying to figure out the easiest way to get a working depth finder setup. I am wondering if it's possible to buy a used depth sounder for a 2004 supercharged 4-tec and install it on my 2004 GTX 155...
  5. robkat

    2004 GTX 4Tec General Questions

    Okay folks, here is where I need some guidance as a NEW PWC owner. Other than watching Youtube videos, I am trying to learn these ski's the best I can to ensure proper use, cleaning, red-flags, etc. So here is what I have questions about, please feel free to chime in on ANY of the questions I...
  6. J

    Can´t change modes in LCD cluster

    Hello, So I just bough a Seadoo GTX 2004 155 PWC with some drive shaft issues. I have not had it on water, but wanted to scroll through the different info in the display. Like the runtime etc.. When I click the mode button nothing happens. The MAINT light comes up at start and the scooter...
  7. B

    2004 Sportster 4-tec 155hp lookin for rear exhaust hose

    Hi all, I ran into some weeds and had an overheating incident last fall with my boat. This caused some damage to some of the exhaust hoses. Sea-doo does not make the rear exhaust hose anymore so the place I take my boat for service is having problems finding one. I've tried some searches on...
  8. O

    Jet Pump Housing HELP, PLEASE

    Okay so I need some help, please and thank you! I bought a 2004 Seadoo Sportster LE DI this past year, ran into a problem recently. Long story short, I need to replace all the impeller and jet pump from what I found online so far. I ordered the entire jet pump housing, complete with shaft...
  9. wlester

    2004 Sportster 4-TEC Gas tank vent leaking gas

    It was leaking when we first bought the boat (used), but was told by the dealer that it is the pressure from the change in heat during the summer. OK. I can live with that. However, it started leaking in our garage yesterday (March 9, 2014 in Minnesota). It started getting warmer, but it was...
  10. B

    Capt Greybeard

    Just joined after buying my 2004 SeaDoo GTI RFI. I use the Lowry Park boat ramp since it is the closest to me. Love to explore Hillsborough river. My first Jet Ski Bruce (greybeard)
  11. J

    2004 Sportster guages fuse blowing

    Good day, I have a 2004 Sportster with the 155 4-Tec which my wife and I love. Problem - the guages fuse (located in the engine compartment MPEM fuse cluster) keeps blowing. This knocks out all the guages, beeper, and warning lights. The engine still runs fine. It is somewhat intermittant...
  12. I

    How can I tell if a 2004 seadoo gtx is still winterized and how do I de winterize it?

    I am new to seadoos and everything pwc related. I just bought a used 2004 seadoo gtx with the supercharger upgraded to 215 hp and I need to know how can I tell if it is winterized and if it is how can I de winterize? Thanks Ivan P.S. the guy said it was winterized but he already changed...
  13. N

    Bringing a 4-tech back from the brink....

    So my Aunt bought a brand new 2004 4-tech sportster back in 04 and since then I have a very strong feeling that ZERO maintenance has been done, zip, zero, nada in addition to being left outside in direct sunlight without any covers.... I noticed that it looked like hell full of leaves/pine...
  14. A

    Your thoughts about 04 GTX Supercharged

    I just bought myself 2 04 GTX Supercharged, 1 - 114 hrs, 1 - 130 hrs. Brand new aluminum trailer. Paid 7000 for everything. They both seem to run great. I have a 96 XP that was great for many years but is now in need of scrapping, so I know what the old upkeep was but I am trying to figure out...
  15. M

    Found Wrong Pump Housings on '04 Speedster 200 Twin

    Hello everyone. I hoping someone can give me some advice. The wear rings in my '04 200 speedster need to be replaced but some previous owner/mechanic got cute and put non-stock parts on the boat. :rolleyes: The pump housings currently on the boat are BRP pt# 271 001 258, which I believe are...
  16. J

    De-winterizing Seadoo Sportster

    I have had my 2004 Seadoo Sportster for a couple years now and the first winter I had it, I took it to a shop and they winterized it. When the weather got nice the next summer, I just charged the battery, checked all the hoses and put it in the water. However, it smoked really bad for like 10...
  17. A

    2004 Speedster Fuel Gauge Reading Wrong

    My 2004 Speedster has a problem with the fuel gauge. It reads empty at 1/2 full. Anyone know how to adjust the pick up?
  18. R

    03 or 04 xp di?

    which xp to buy?? I am in the process of purchasing a new sea-doo. i want to know which xp/di to buy between the 1998 and 2004. Is the direct injection good? i do like the digital readout on the 2003-4 Thanks for the help.
  19. P

    04 GTI problem

    i have a 2004 gti and when i put the key on it will start and will run for about 5 seconds if you keep pressing the throttle. then it konks out and the jet ski will beep once. then i have to unplug the key and plug back in and it will do the same thing about five times then nothing. Gas was put...