2004 gtx 4-tec non-supercharged depth sounder

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Hey so I just bought my first Sea-Doo, in fact my first powered boat of any type, and was trying to figure out the easiest way to get a working depth finder setup.

I am wondering if it's possible to buy a used depth sounder for a 2004 supercharged 4-tec and install it on my 2004 GTX 155 wakeboard edition. I see the depth is one of the rotating options for the cluster display and they sell used ones on ebay from the supercharged ones.

According to the ad if your model did not come with it you have to get the dealer to program it in. I'm wondering where it gets installed in the hull specifically.

Would anyone have a screenshot of the service manual page or a photo of where theirs is mounted to share?

Thanks in advance.


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Easy way is to put plumbing putty on a solid area in the hull near the centre, put the transducer in it and your good to go. I have had it in my boat for years.
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