Found Wrong Pump Housings on '04 Speedster 200 Twin

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Hello everyone. I hoping someone can give me some advice. The wear rings in my '04 200 speedster need to be replaced but some previous owner/mechanic got cute and put non-stock parts on the boat. :rolleyes:

The pump housings currently on the boat are BRP pt# 271 001 258, which I believe are for a super charged PWC. The only difference I can see from the correct housings is the "tunnel" on these ones is about 1" longer. Therefore the wear rings are longer than stock. My questions:

* Should I buy the correct housings, or just find the wear rings for the ones I have?:confused:

* How will the longer housing affect performance of the boat? I believe the impellers are the stock ones that came with the boat.

* Why would somebody do this? As a performance mod, or a "good 'nuff' " repair?

I ordered the wear rings, and all the rubber parts I may need from the local dealership. Problem is When I attempted to replace the rings last night, I found that the OEM rings are about 1 inch shorter than the ones in the craft. I triple checked the part #'s I ordered. I definitely have the correct parts for my boat. (Well, until someone changed out parts)
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