1. D

    94/95 Seadoo XP MPEM compatibility

    I recently bought a Seadoo XP with a 657x engine that is non-running with no spark. The previous owner said they saw smoke come from the MPEM and so I ordered a aftermarket one that’s compatible with part 278-000-070 (For 587 engines or 92 XP from sellers page). In my jet ski it is part...
  2. O

    (Please Help!) 1994 SeaDoo Explorer

    Hello, I own a 1994 Seadoo Explorer with the 657 Rotax two-stroke engine. I went to pull the battery out today and while doing so the screwdriver I was using slipped out of my hand and went under the engine. I have tried to feel around for it/ grab it but there is just not enough room for my...
  3. E

    1994 GTX Resto

    Hey all - I got a 1994 GTX off CL not long ago and was told it needed a new MPEM. After replacing various small parts, and the MPEM, it appeared to be ready to go. As soon as I got it in the water this weekend (for the first time), appeared to have a gas issue, and then a spark issue (it...
  4. Charleston

    Parted out functional 1994 Seadoo XP.

    I have just about everything removed. Feel free to IM me if you need something. I accept payment through paypal. Still available (more just not listed here) Full set rub rails (indigo/violet) 657 Engine started with 130/140 compression. MPEM electronic box. Storage hood with gauges...
  5. chamilton89

    1993 SPX Recondition

    Fellow Seadoo owners, I need a lot of help... So here is my story: I was given an abandoned 1993 SPX that was sitting on a couch on an abandoned lot. I have no information regarding its condition but want to get it back up and running in the best condition I can for the upcoming season. Last...
  6. H

    1994 Seadoo GTX alarm beeping

    Just purchased a 94 Seadoo GTX with a 657. Had good compression (140 in both cylinders) and ran great during the lake test. After buying it I placed it on a hydroport at the local marina. When putting the seadoo on the hydroport, it suddenly started a continuous loud beep. I put it back in the...
  7. btgignac

    Just bough a 1994 Seadoo Speedster!!!!!!

    Hello everyone, I just picked up this little gem on Monday and am looking for some hints, tips, and pointers. It is a 94 Speedster, twin 657x. I am the 3rd owner. The 2 owners before me always stored thsi beauty in the garage. The guy states he always had it professionally winterized. Brand new...
  8. N

    1994 XP ignition cables

    Hi Guys, just brand new to this forum, and what a joy to find such a nice forum, where people actually still talks nice to eachother ! that´s rare now a days. Anyway, here´s my issue : I have a 94 xp, which has been running like a lightning bolt for almost 10 years, still puts 154 psi on...
  9. M

    1994 GTS dies out of nowhere

    Got a 94 GTS this weekend... changed the gas as it had been sitting and checked the oil. Started first try and ran amazing... didnt pin it ever but had been pulling a wakeskate for a couple hours (never past 2/3 throttle). Was idling waiting for a person to grab the rope when the idle went...
  10. T

    Impeller Assembly seems locked on to fiberglass transom, any ideas?

    Hey all, Last weekend I started getting my 1994 GTS ready for the summer and upon visual inspection, noted that I needed to replace the wear ring. Following the manual's instructions, I removed all the bolts and ball joints, and the assembly seems locked to the back of the transom. There...
  11. W

    1994 sea doo xp 587??

    Hello everyone. im new to this site, and also new to watercraft. I work at a snowmobile, motorcyle and atv dealership though, and have my fair share of mechanical knowledge. I have been doing my research, and recently purchased a 1994 sea doo xp. Now comes the weird part, when researching the...
  12. M

    Performance mods to 94 SP?

    Hey all, What kind of modifications can I make to my 94 SP to improve its performance? -Marc
  13. M

    94 XP wont stay running, Please Help before the wife leaves me!

    Im new to this site, have posted my problem on others with no actual help. I have a 94 SeeDoo XP. It ran great until my wife took it out with a friend one evening. She couldnt get it started, which I dont think has anything to do with it bc she can never get it started. so I started it up...
  14. GIJeff

    Looking for MPEM for 1994 Speedster

    Anyone know a good source for an OEM/Aftermarket Used/New MPEM for my 1994 Speedster? Thanks, Jeff
  15. A

    94 Seadoo XP Carb Removal? & Some Other Questions

    This is all very new to me and I'm a Rookie so please be kind. I just picked up a 1994 Seadoo XP that had been sitting in a garage since 2006. The guy said he doesn’t think it was winterized before it was stored so I can only imagine what’s wrong with it. When I picked it up it we couldn’t even...
  16. C

    Seadoo Speedster Engine Swap 94' to 99'

    Hi, Does anyone know if an engine from a 1994 Seadoo Speedster will fit in my 1999 Seadoo Speedster SK? I'm looking at an engine on Ebay and I wanted to confirm that it will fit before I purchase it. Both engine sizes are the same (the 85hp model). The engine motor # from the 94' is...
  17. T

    1994 Seadoo GTX won't stay running

    The other day we unwinterized my seadoo and fired her up. It ran for about 30 seconds and then began to rev high like its not getting gas. Now it wont start at all we cleaned the fuel selector switch and blew into the line and heard bubbles, any help will be appreciated Thanks Jake...
  18. B

    Engine Won't Do Anything

    I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my 1994 GTX. It was running great about 18 months ago. Brought it home from the lake without having any problems. I got a new battery for it just last week. I cleaned all the electrical connections and double checked all the fuses. There clearly...
  19. B

    Battery Cables?

    I've discovered to my dismay that it's time to change out my battery cables. I really don't have much experience with the electrical components on my sea-doo. What cables am I going to want to purchase for my 1994 GTX? Is there somewhere convenient to order them?
  20. R

    1994 sp bogs down after full yhrottle

    well its like the title says. just bought a 1994 seadoo sp . after launching to full throttle the jet ski drops power and rpms just bought this and dissapointed. can anyone give advice on this thanks rkelley548@yahoo.com :stupid: