1. T


    Hi there. Our boat is for sale, located in Seminole Florida 33772. Long Story Short... This was our first boat and I don't have the time nor patience to continue ownership. Boat was purchased in May of 2019. Went for an excellent test drive with no issues whatsoever. However when taking it out...
  2. 9

    97 Challenger 1800 - Left Engine Bogging When Warm

    Just bought this 97 Challenger 1800 and put it on the water for the first time last night. Twin 787 Rotax's. Dropped it in the water and took it a few hundred yards up and down the river to make sure everything was going to run okay. Picked up the family from the dock and helped friends load...
  3. B

    HELP!! 1997 Seadoo Challenger 1800 787 Rotax - BACKFIRE PROBLEM

    Hey guys. new to the forum, I just bought a Seadoo Challenger 1800 a few weeks back, it has the twin 787 Rotax engines, was running great and all was well, but after the last time I took it out on the water, it started Backfiring at low idle on the passenger side engine. I tried the following...
  4. Arkbillsfan

    I'm needing a cover for a 98 challenger 1800

    Wanting to buy a gently used cover for a 98 challenger 1800. Must be only for challenger. Thanks guys/gals
  5. Arkbillsfan

    98 challenger 1800 (USA)

    Looking for a oil tank. I know of the one on eBay, but he thinks that it is made of gold. 98 sea doo 1800 challenger dual 787 (USA). Please pm.thank you
  6. P

    First full day out on the water and it ran great!

    My Y2K 1800 is running well. It seems to be a little hesitent to start when warm, but two or three flicks of the ignition get it going. It's very sensitive to weight distribution in the boat. I have a family of giants (6'4", 250 pound children) and any of them shifting seems to make the boat...
  7. A

    1998 sportster 1800 help!!!

    I just bought a 1998 sportster 1800 I too it to the lake and it started well and idles great but when you push the motors over 3500 RPM the stall out and die but if you run one at a time it will pulse almost die then rev I have good spark? Help me first jet/seadoo iv owned
  8. henryb

    2000 Challenger 1800 -- Glove Box

    My 2000 Seadoo Challenger 1800 did not come with a Glove Box cover, is there anyone that knows of a place to get used replacements, as I can imagine if they are even still available from Seadoo, that brand new ones would be quite expensive? Thanks, Brent.
  9. henryb

    New 2000 Seadoo Challenger 1800 - Merc M2 210

    Just bought the boat this weekend. Took it out on Lake Ontario on Father's Day, had a great first day with it. It has some small issues that I will have to address, but overall it is a great boat. The reason I am writing to this forum is because after about 3 hours on the lake, mostly at...
  10. C

    No start

    99 challenger 1800 won't do nothing. Key in and hit start button and not even a click on either motor. Where do I start?
  11. H

    Just purchased 1997 Sea Doo Challenger 1800

    Hello. I just purchased a 97 Challenger 1800 with the twin 787s. My friends and I took it for a test drive before buying and ran a compression test. We had 130-135 on each plug. It seemed to run fine on the test drive. We transferred it and took it to the river last weekend and it seemed to run...
  12. S

    Bennett Trim Tabs on 2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800

    I've seen photos of the Bennett M80 & M120 trim tabs installed on the same model boat as mine but have read various versions of trim tabs affecting reverse. Does anyone know if I will loose reverse if I install Bennett M80 & M120 trim tabs on my boat?
  13. O

    1997 Challenger 1800 - Dead computer

    Hi everyone, My husband and I bought our first boat at the end of July, a 1997 Challenger 1800. We used it about 6 times, and planned to take it out once more before winterizing it. When we tested the starter before we left for the lake it was dead. Nothing happened. Neither engine made...
  14. jocii

    2001 Challenger 1800 motor bogs down.

    I just picked up a 2001 Challenger 1800 with 210 HP Mercury M2 V6 two stroke motor. About 70 hrs of use. Boat has been serviced every year by Sea Doo dealer and stored inside during winter. Has been babied and never has had any major work. First trip out was awesome. Lots of power, starts...
  15. T

    1997 Challenger 1800 - stops and doesn't want to restart

    I have a 1997 Challenger 1800. I can start it run the boat for about 15 minutes. Then the boat stops and I can't restart it. I can retry the same sequence the next day and the same thing happens. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?
  16. mgrant

    1998 Sportster 1800 needs help

    I'm new to this forum so let me start out by saying hi to all. I just bought a 98 sportster 1800 in great shape for its age. it just has one problem and i can't figure out how to go about fixing it. i am by no means mechanically inclined and need help! it idles strong, runs low rpms strong...
  17. yoja

    1998 sportster 1800 PLEASE HELP

    Hi, i'm new here, sorry i have a poor english but i'm learning, i just buy a 1998 seadoo sportster 1800, yesterday we test the boat on water ( the guy that sold me the boat, me and 3 more peoples, 5 in total ) anytime the boat was good, he got like 45 mph with no problem, got a good speed fast...
  18. J

    99 Sporster 1800 Magneto Diag?

    First timer, I have searched high and low and found several threads with similiar issues, but nothing that matched my exact issue. The Problem: Port Engine started running very rough and finally quit running. Cranks fine but could not restart. While trying to bring the boat back to dock on...