1997 Challenger 1800 - Dead computer

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Hi everyone,
My husband and I bought our first boat at the end of July, a 1997 Challenger 1800. We used it about 6 times, and planned to take it out once more before winterizing it. When we tested the starter before we left for the lake it was dead. Nothing happened. Neither engine made a peep. The key didn't even beep when wiggled as it usually does. The radio and lights worked fine, so it wasn't the battery. We gave up on taking it out again and took it to the shop for repair and winterization. They just called to say the computer is dead and there are none available anywhere to buy, so the boat is dead, useless, done. We are devastated and are about to lose probably $5K (paid $6500, so maybe we can sell it for parts) unless we can fix it. Does anyone know of any source for a new computer or anyone who can repair it?
Thanks for any help anyone can provide!!!
There are many people here who sells used parts, MPEM units (computer)included. Some of these can be repaired.
Just wait a little bit for more answers. Most people will work during the day and answer at night.
I don't think you'll need to sell the boat as parts.

It also could be just a bad ground or the post, dess key is dirty....

Are all the fuses good?
The first thing I would do is have the battery load tested. I know you said the radio and lights work but that doesn't mean the battery is good. It's kinda like in your car when the battery has enough power to work the radio or lights but not enough to start the car. Most auto parts stores, will load test your battery for free. Also check your grounds and make sure the connections on the battery are tight and no corrosion.

Our local SeaDoo dealer/service center is the one who said the computer is dead. Unfortunately, we aren't mechanical people, so I have to assume they are right.
They just called to say the found a computer in their warehouse. They're not sure how much it is yet, but guessed $900 or $1000. I don't even know if this is appropriate. Seadoosource.com has something that looks like it, the MPEM conversion kit that is $450 (http://www.seadoosource.com/1997challengermpeminst.html). I don't know for sure if it is the right part, and if it is different, but would work, it is better to just go with the real deal for twice the price. Or are there other options out there.
So confused. I don't really want to put another $1K into it, but better than lose much more than that selling the boat as is. :-(
900 to 1000 for a new MPEM (computer) is a good deal really. Most of the time if you can find one that has been sitting in a warehouse, they run around $1500. There is also a member here who is capable of fixing them. Look him up. His user name is All Things Custom. Lastly, sometimes you can find them on ebay.
Unfortunately now you know what BOAT stand for..

B ust
O ut
A nother
T housand

I hope for you its just a bad battery or ground
Good Luck..!
How can a person get in touch with the dude "All Things Custom"? Do i just send a friend request and then private message him? I possibly need 2 MPEMs for my 1999 Speedster SK fixed.
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