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  • I would like to see some pictures that you have posted of you speedster set up. I have read your post and would like to have a reference
    I dont really read these very often. If you have a question, PM me.
    need 2 wind deflectors.....for my 2006 200 you have any left?
    hey man i'm new to the forum and i was wondering if i could get some help. i have a 98 seadoo speedster and the right motor runs fine and the core was changed last year. the right side was changed out recently by a guy who passed before he could run it, it iddles great, starts up fine, but it smokes, doesnt rev up all the way and the throddle doesn't feel the same as it did when i brought it in. the throddle gets tight around three quarters the way.
    Man I' ve got the boat put up for winter.. I have a P.T. test in October and have to concentrate on that..That was a good one about the new haircut video! That post reminded me of that guy in the bar trying to act cool ! HAHA
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