1. V

    '92 GTS Electrical Issues

    I have a weird one on my hands. Working on a ski for a guy, needed a motor. Swapped in the new motor, went to start - nothing. So far I have 1) pulled the starter and tested it. Turns out it was grounding itself. Swapped in a new one. - nothing. 2) Swapped in a new solenoid, wasn't getting...
  2. O

    1997 Challenger 1800 - Dead computer

    Hi everyone, My husband and I bought our first boat at the end of July, a 1997 Challenger 1800. We used it about 6 times, and planned to take it out once more before winterizing it. When we tested the starter before we left for the lake it was dead. Nothing happened. Neither engine made...
  3. B

    1998 speedster computer under dash?

    I just bought a 98 seadoo challenger for a cheap price. The guy i bought it from got it in a partial trade for some work he had done on someones house. He never messed with the boat just garaged it and finally sold it. He was told by the original owner that the computer was bad and the mechanic...
  4. K

    MPEM / 5 amp fuse problem?

    I have a 1998 Sportster 1800 with twin Rotax engines. When I put my key in, I only get 1 beep. Then when I press one of the start buttons, I get a loud beep. Is this an MPEM / 5 amp fuse problem? How can I know if this is the problem or if I need the replace the MPEM? Please help!