1. mejim707


    This is a specific issue for a specific problem and please consider this as a question for a specific issue and please don't move / merge / delete this post. I've identified an issue where starting on water was impossible because water was actively pouring into the exhaust due to a siphoning...
  2. L

    2007 230 Challenger SE Gelcoat Color

    I am looking to repair a few marks in the navy blue gelcoat on my new to me 2007 230 Challenger SE. Does anyone happen to have any information on the navy blue color used on this hull? I have contacted Spectrum, Gelcote International, and BRP to obtain color codes, names etc and no one seems...
  3. 2

    '97 Challenger MPEM Diode

    Has anyone done the diode replacement procedure on a 97 Challenger (single 787) MPEM? Just wondering if someone knows the exact diode location so that I can reduce the amount of digging required to find it. Thanks!
  4. 2StrokeBoatGuy

    "NO BEEP"1996 Challenger New Starter relay, bilge works, fan works, and cranks when relay is bypassed.

    The following video shows my 1996 Seadoo Challenger with a brand new engine in 2022 and has me detailing the whole current issue regarding my key when connected to post only generates a very light click (as in low volume) sound near the MPEM, i believe... also when i hit the start stop button...
  5. S

    Could I have wrong carbon seal ring? Doesn't seem to fit axle.

    08 C180 215 Finishing rebuild on a project boat that could, maybe, see water pretty soon. Ordered Carbon Seal rebuild kit from SBT. Here's the link. ShopSBT - Driveline Rebuild Kit Ordered part code 77-112, and the package I received was marked 77-112. Attempting to install & the carbon seal...
  6. DJ230xp

    Any Alternative or is Big Air Cuda Tower the best?

    Anyone using the Big Air Cuda Tower? Wakeboard Tower Mounting Hardware | Cuda Tower | Big Air Wake Towers I just watched this video on YouTube, It convinced me of what I was already thinking about some of these narrow stance mounts. I recently bought a 2007 230 Wake without a tower so I’m in...
  7. B

    2001 Seadoo Challenger 2000 Electrical Accessory Help

    I had a voltage regulator fire, replaced regulators, harness and solenoid. Engine fires up but horn, lights, bilge and blower will not work. Have power to all switches checked with volt meter. Any ideas? I can not find anyone that will touch it here in central Ohio.
  8. wernerml

    96 Challenger; Water Regulator

    Looks like I replaced this just in time. Very rusty and there was a slight divot in the bellows. Nylon wire tie did the trick!
  9. adambwhitten

    1999 Seadoo Challenger 1800

    Hey there! I recently purchased a 99 Seadoo Challenger 1800. I'm in total restore mode. Does anyone have recommendations for aftermarket gauges? The boat needs a lot of cosmetic repairs. So if you guys want to post links below, that would be great! Not only looking for gauges, but also...
  10. R

    FOR SALE WANTED: Challenger 180 SP (Ontario/Quebec)

    Hi I’m looking to buy a challenger 180 SP (2011/2011). I’m in Canada and can’t cross border due to covid. Willing to drive for the right boat. If you have one or see one for sale let me know. Cheers Rusty
  11. V

    Jet Pump 96 Challenger

    Hi everyone, I just ordered a new wear ring for my challenger since it's about that time. While checking the clearance, I noticed that my jet pump assembly has a gap around it. Weird request, but would anyone be able to take a picture or let me know if there is supposed to be a gap between the...
  12. R

    Buying advice challenger 180

    Hi All, First post. Great info on the forums so thanks to all for previous threads. I’m based in Toronto Canada and looking for a fun family boat with some space when in-laws/friends visit too. Think I’ve settled on the challenger 180. Right size and 2005+ looks a little more refined (than...
  13. T


    Hi there. Our boat is for sale, located in Seminole Florida 33772. Long Story Short... This was our first boat and I don't have the time nor patience to continue ownership. Boat was purchased in May of 2019. Went for an excellent test drive with no issues whatsoever. However when taking it out...
  14. stevie mac

    Bad MPEM 96 Seadoo Challenger

    Hey all, are there any work-arounds to replacing the entire MPEM? Which component(s) generally blow? And can I order them? My little sister thought it was ok to jump/charge the boat battery while the car was running. Just trying not to spend $500 on the entire thing. Thanks!
  15. Woodsy15

    Speed Sensor wheel on 05' Challenger 180 or speedo adjustment?

    Hey, getting near the end of season so don't know if I will get out to test this more or not before spring. The Speedo on my 05 Challenger is off reporting -12 mph (boat going 43 mph on GPS, speedo reads 28-29) Found a long lost Technical bulletin on another forum that shows on the back of the...
  16. S

    2012 Challenger 180 SP Stutter

    Hi All! Bought a 2012 Challenger 180 SP a couple of weeks ago. About 225 hours on the boat, supercharger clutch was redone at a dealer around 178 hours. Overall, the boat starts easy, seems to run mostly well. However - I've noted that when moving from idle to full throttle (or close to it)...
  17. M

    New 97 Challenger Owner with Issues (the boat, not me)

    Hi all, This forum has been invaluable the last few weeks. I picked up a 97 challenger and have been having issues, some of which I resolved. Could really use some help. I‘ve done a lot of searching and reading but was hoping to get some specific guidance. The first time I took it out, it kept...
  18. sanes05

    Bilge pump wiring

    2008 Sea-Doo 180 Challenger So my original bilge pump went out. I am replacing it with a Rule pump with an automatic sensor built in. It now works perfect in auto but I cannot get the manual switch on the helm to work. Is this as simple as a bad switch possibly or is there something else that...
  19. G

    Carb adjustments

    Still working on my neighbor's 97 Challenger (sgl 787). Having in after all my work, it is still doing the exact same thing it did before. Questions at end, background first. Original symptoms: slow acceleration to top speed, but was able to plane up to about 40mph eventually...
  20. Miitch

    Need help deciding first boat!! Challenger 180sp or Scarab 195HO

    Hey guys! New to the forum. Been lurking the shadows for a while. I have finally found the guts (and money) to purchase my first boat. Have been doing my research for the last couple of years, and I owe a lot of my “knowledge” to forms like these, so thanks in advance. now for question time! I...