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  1. T

    FOR SALE Searching for Engine Harness 278002662

    Looking for engine harness for a 2012 Seadoo Challenger 180. This harness was used on several other seadoo boats with the part number of: 278002662. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. S

    temp sensor location and where to buy

    Hi all, I'm a new boat owner, of a "new to me" 2000 Challenger. I have read about my issue in a few threads, and I was going to start to try and diagnose it the best I can, though I'm a novice engine/motor guy. I have a very quick start up, though heavy oil smoke at start up. Runs right up...
  3. zperez2012

    1996 challenger cutting off

    Hey guys new to the forum . Recently got a 96 challenger with the 787 rotax . Seemed to run like a top , it has been oil injection deleted as well. Well I took it out on the water this weekend and had some problems . I was cruising through the no wake zone in the river and once I got to the...
  4. FeelinNauti

    Bucket won't lock going forward - Seadoo Challenger 210 SE

    I took apart all of the connections to the buckets, re-lubed and tightened to fix some binding issues (lots of salt/corrosion in there!) Now that everything looks lined up properly and much better shifting at the helm, I find that the adjustment on the cable is slightly off (close) where the...
  5. Honeoye

    Challenger Glass

    Anyone have the center and starboard windshields for a 2008 Challenger with retractable glass? Possibly someone is parting out a wreck?? Same glass from 2007-2010
  6. Matgyver

    Not starting

    Hey I have a 2006 challenger cs with the supercharger. I had the boat out last sat with zero issues(other then a dead battery before we went out that was replaced under warranty). I went to start it on the trailer the other day and I turn the batt switch on, dess on with 2 beeps and...
  7. Tudorc

    Power/RPM Loss When Hot

    I have a 97 Challenger with single 787. When the engine is hot (after 10mins+ use at high revs/WOT), I can’t get the boat onto a plane again and the RPMs stick at 5000. If/when I can get it to plane in these circumstances, the RPMs are 1000-1500 lower at normal WOT RPMs (6800ish normally) but...
  8. RogerS

    Engine Rebuild Project

    Engine Rebuild Project experience I just want to share my experience how was to rebuilt my engine. I’m not a mechanic and never open a engine before... decide to do my rebuild by myself and alone with the only help from here (seadooforum) If you are married, dont try this at home! You may lose...
  9. RogerS

    130 PSI on both cylinder

    Is that good or bad for a 97 challenger 787 engine?
  10. FeelinNauti

    Do I have DESS key?

    I have a 2012 Challenger SE 210 and the lanyard is a basic style (no chip). Does the key have a chip or just a fancy key? Is DESS only involving the lanyard or if the ignition key has a chip is there a way to tell? It looks a black cup with a key in the center. Hard to believe there are any...
  11. 9

    97 Challenger 1800 - Left Engine Bogging When Warm

    Just bought this 97 Challenger 1800 and put it on the water for the first time last night. Twin 787 Rotax's. Dropped it in the water and took it a few hundred yards up and down the river to make sure everything was going to run okay. Picked up the family from the dock and helped friends load...
  12. T

    Loose throttle on 1997 Challenger; How do I tighten it up?

    The throttle handle on my boat is loose. Meaning I have to constantly have my hand on it when I have it on low to medium throttle. Otherwise, it "falls" back down to idle. Anyone know how to tighten it up so that it won't do this?
  13. M

    2003 Challenger X-20 Optimax 250 DFI on M2 pump Overheating

    I have a 2003 Challenger X-20 with the Optimax 250 DFI 2-stroke on a M2 jetpump. As soon as I drop it in the water and turn it on it gives me 4 short beeps. I can run it for a bit at about 1/2 power and then it gives me the continuous beep and turns me down to circulation mode only. Things I...
  14. NScotia

    '00 Challenger 2000. No electrical working (lights/horn/vent) BUT Motor runs great!

    So, I have a new-to-me 2000 Challenger 2000. The boats runs great, so everything electric around the motor is good (even the bilge pump). However, NONE of the electrical works. I have replaced all of the fuses and even have power to all the switches. The only problem I can find is that I also...
  15. H

    1997 Seadoo Challenger / No start

    Hi everyone, First off, I'm very new to this site as this is my first thread. Just bought the boat sunday from someone I know and knowing it wasn't starting. Last year when they took it out for the last few times, it would cut out and not restart for a while, so they bought a new key; Problem...
  16. joyride

    HELP! 2008 Seadoo Challenger 180 - Ran Out Of Gas & Now It Wont Go Fast

    Help. I recently purchased a 2008 seadoo challenger 180 and had the following services done. New spark plugs. Oil Change. New Voltage Regulator. New Impeller Boot. First day on the water after these services, I ran out of gas. I knew I was going to run out of gas so I was going FULL THROTTLE...
  17. Bobby78

    787 Lost compression on rear cyl. Can't see anything wrong with heads off. Please Hel

    787 Lost compression on rear cyl. Can't see anything wrong with heads off. Pls Help Less than 1 week to the holiday weekend! ARGHHH! Engine cut out yesterday. Checked compression today - 60 psi on rear. 150 on front. Removed heads, cannot see anything wrong. Just gunked up head gaskets?
  18. Diablo

    New Idea's For my Challenger 180 SE 2007

    Hi i have been doing lots of reading here in the forum over the last few months and decided to start modding my boat due to winter kicking in here as of this month. So i decided while she isn't in use i should get started on few things first off getting rid of that huge stock air filter (i have...
  19. scottbruns

    Hard Starting Engine

    The port engine on my 2010 Challenger 210 430 was having trouble starting this weekend. Usually both engines start very quickly. The starboard engine acted normally, always starting quickly. The port engine did not want to start. I cranked it for a few seconds, stopped cranking, then tried...
  20. xintersecty

    2006 Challenger Reconstruction

    As most of you know, I blew my engine last spring. Now I have the money and a new engine. This is the get it working thread. Of course with any project like this, when the engine out, it's time to do mods 1) Install a new water filter for the Inter-cooler and a tow shut off valve. I...