'09 180 Challenger 255 hp 4-tech just stopped. Looking for where to start?

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Hi All,
I am a new owner of this machine this year. Calgary AB Canada.
We had 18 hours on it when we got it and during the next 6 hours,we had to be towed in 2x. Not off to a great start !
The First one is entirely due to my stupidity and realizing 3 Feet Deep Means exactly that.
First 2 trips went fine, She ran great and had no issues until we sucked up some material near the rocky shore.
Took out the Impeller and Wear ring. (noted above).
Replaced with new OEM parts, with a lot of thanks for all the instructions found here and on Youtube.

Those parts got us back on the water, and seemed to work, but seemed to have a little more Cavitation and lag off the start and lost about 4 km/hour top speed.
I could live with that. There was still enough power and speed to play.

Next 2-3 hours were ok, Just seemed that there was a little bit of faded performance as noted above
Till yesterday!

We got on the water and Headed out to the middle of the lake and inflated the tube. We were working it in circles for a tube ride and all of a sudden it dies
no warning or engine lights or anything.

Didnt seem really warm,
No Visible Damage or leaks
Now Will not turn over.

I Would like to get on it tonight.

By the way. The Licenced Dealer Here, Says that they do not want to work on any BRP over 10 years old, especially boats as they have limited Space.
I would like to find an independent mechanic to give this a once-over. If you know of anyone in my area please forward their info.

Thanks in Advance!
The Pics below show the The Damage the rock caused,


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