1. steamintator

    1996 Spx Shuts off at high Rpms, Stuck at low Rpms, But Runs fine at half throttle.

    I had my 96 Spx on the lake last weekend and it was running great for about 20 minutes, no trouble accelerating or maintaining speed at high rpms. I adjusted the trim a few times and it ran great for another 5 or so minutes and then the engine just died completely, no bogging, just off. It'd...

    New VTS Handheld Controller Product Available (similar to VTS Fix)

    Greetings All, I am posting to bring awareness to my new product, The VTS Remote, available at VTS Repair - Home of the VTS Remote ( ) , it is an All-In-One solution to repairing a broken or failing VTS control system on VTS enabled Sea-Doos. It is a small module that connects...
  3. T

    Speedster 200 Trim options - porposing

    I just purchased a 2006 Speedster 200 and love it but hate the porpoising. It makes us travel at only about 1/3 speed for comfort. I have read the forum and searched online for options to prevent porpoising. I know that BRP made a plate extension part number 295500986 but I can not find it...
  4. Vball227

    Hey Everyone

    I have a 1993 SPX that I've had for 3 years and I'm just now rebuilding a 1999XPL. Anything I should know about the 99? Ive put 1mm over pistons in her and am now finishing up the rebuild of the Carbs. The trim doesnt seem to work, but the trim motor is good. Any ideas? Steve
  5. Brholwer

    how to adjust trim manually? 96 xp

    is there any way to do it from the outside, im not fixing anymore electronics.
  6. J

    Converting 98 Seadoo xp to HX manual trim? Anyone know much?

    So i am officially tired of changing and tinkering with the vts system. i have heard that you can install the HX manual trim, is this true and how hard is it. does it just bolt right on and what do you do about the part of the vts that controls your trim on the outside of the ski. Thanks
  7. R

    Question about VTS / Trim

    Does the VTS on seadoo's go out because they are being used too much, or not enough from sitting? also how hard is it to replace when they go out. My 02 RX has been going flawless with 140 hours.
  8. S

    '05 Islandia factory trim measurement

    Does anyone know what the factory trim measurement is on a 2005 islandia? I'm looking for the distance between the jamnut and the bottom of the stator...
  9. N

    TRIM PROBLEMS please help

    i'm having nothing but problems with my VTS unit. Last summer it died out. after it sitting over the winter, and changing the fuse, it seems to be working now. the issue is i can move the trim all the way to the bottom, and the gauge shows its bottomed out, but when i move it all the way to the...
  10. 7

    Fuel, RPM gauge and trim all died at once after hard wave hit !!

    looking for some help. Two weeks ago I was jumping some waves with my 94 seadoo XP and hit two waves back to back really hard , so hard I almost fell off and really hurt my wrist. I was winded but ok... however my Gas and RPM gauges both stopped working and my trim also stopped working. The trim...
  11. C

    96 XP VTS problems.

    On my 96 XP the VTS gauge doesn't work. Everything else works fine but the gauge. I know im very lucky considering all the problems these vts can give. Where to start. Can I check the gauge somehow? Also is there a way to fuse the VTS system from blowing my computer incase something goes...
  12. C

    96 gtx, trim problem???

    hi there been doing a lot of reading on here and trying to see if I can fix an ongoing issue with my ski.I was hoping to get some info from ya... I have 2 96 gtx's 1 was running begining yr. then wouldn't run in water... did compression check found pistons where toast... had them replaced, and...
  13. tx95xp

    Vts help !

    I have a 95 xp , the problem i have is the trim will only go down i can cross the wires at the motor and it will go up by pushing the down button.. Up button does nothing . Also the trim guage does not work it stays down .. Apreciate any help ,,thanks
  14. G

    GSX Trim Rod HELP

    so I'm about to sell my 1998 GSX Limited... sorry! haha i'll get another one but I'm focused on training for the Motocross Series and the GSX is just sitting! So I showed it today at the lake and I'm guessing when I pulled it back up onto the trailer as I throttle onto it it broke my trim...
  15. I

    96 gtx going to add trim from 97 spx

    :confused:Hey guys and girls, I have scored a 1996 seadoo gtx 787 for 1200$.Some of you may think that's many $$ for this but here in Montreal this machine with trailer can be offred for 3900$ to 4500$ with 140 hours on the clock.I have a trailer that i got for 300$.I have full neutral,forward...
  16. G

    96 XP VTS removal with pics

    Hey guys, nice forum,lotsa info, sure i'll be reading and reading.Just got this ole bird today, mechanic told me VTS was seized from salt water, right he was,managed to grab one from ebay with couple mins left for $69,i'll give that a try and a new boot on the back of the shaft, which prob...
  17. seadoodude1

    Merc M2 trim options

    I am looking for ways to reduce porpoising of challenger 2000. Above 30 mph boat wants to start bouncing. I sure wish it had VTS like the skis and dissapointed Mercury or Seadoo did not have a trim system. Seems like it would have been easy to design a trim nozzle for this jet. It looks like...
  18. K

    Does my bat have a TRIM? New owner-struggling

    Just bought a 2004 Sportster LE boat. Does not take off like it should. Compression is good and dealer gave it a tune up, but did not drive it. Took it out and the RPMs get up, but it's like the trim, if it has one, is not right. Like an outboard with the trim all the way up on takeoff. Does...
  19. K

    Sporster LE boat problems. New owner, please help if you can.

    Just bought a 2004 Sportster LE boat. Does not take off like it should. Compression is good and dealer gave it a tune up, but did not drive it. Took it out and the RPMs get up, but it's like the trim, if it has one, is not right. Like an outboard with the trim all the way up on takeoff. Does...
  20. chevyguy

    How to remove trim bumper for access to leaking seam?

    FINALLY found where my leak appears to be coming from. Way in the back right corner of my 93 spx seadoo. Can't see the exact spot from the inside (need to remove the buoyancy foam, but I assume it is from the hull seam (possible winter freeze separation?) How do I remove the trim bumper for...