1. C

    Pulling a tube advice

    First time poster, so please be nice and patient :). I have a '16 GTX 300 for reference that I bought new. I have been pulling skiers and tubes with it since we got it. I was pulling a tube the other day and all of a sudden it stopped the ski abruptly, yanked the ski back and under the water and...
  2. B

    What hose to pinch when towing ?

    I have a 2002 Seadoo GTX RFI. I’ve looked at the pics of the manual and the seadoo itself and can’t find what hose to pinch when having to tow.
  3. andy.262

    Towing a non-running Sea-Doo

    So yesterday we were out on the lake and the GTX wouldn't start. I ended up having to tow it back to the launch with the SPX. I've heard stories of people filling their engines with water from towing, so I made sure to stay under 5mph the whole way back (that was a loooong slow ride). To add...
  4. EasyErock

    Wakeboarding with the 3up Spark?

    Anyone have experience towing wakeboards/skiers with the Spark? I'm worried an aggressive rider will pull the back end of the Spark out since it's so light? We plan to use it most of the time on our lake for tubers and wake boarding...I'm not a pro wake boarder by any means, but I want to be...
  5. G

    Please Help: Towing and wide angle mirrors on PWC

    I have a couple questions related to towing a tube on a PWC without a spotter in Florida... I have a 2012 Rxt rated at 3 people and I want to tow two people on a tube. In Florida, I believe I can do this without a spotter by using a "wide angle mirror." However, I have seen conflicting...
  6. C

    Minivan to pull a boat

    Hi Gang! I would like to buy a minivan for the family in the next month, but would also like to buy a fishing boat in five years when my kids are old enough to appreciate it. The more I research the topic, the more confused I become. Some state that minivans should not be used for towing, even...
  7. J

    Wife bought R13 trailer tires??

    I sent my wife to get new trailer tires as we are making a trip from phoenix to tahoe. She purchased 185/80R13 "(max load 1400) instead of the 185/80d13 (max load 1700) currently on the trailer. The max load is about 600lbs in difference. I'll be towing my challenger 180 with tower (dry about...
  8. J

    towing a 3D behind a boat?

    Last Summer I took the 3D to Lake Powell, which was a blast, but towing the ski behind the house boat was not. The weight at the front of the ski caused it to try to nose under while being pulled. I am thinking about adding weight to the back of the ski and see if I can get it to pull any...
  9. O

    Trailer noises. help

    Most often I'm towing around town and fairly locally, but planning to go on a long trip with my 2001 Challenger. It make alot of noise when going over bump and uneven roads, more so than I've noticed than with other prop boats. Is this a weight issue? I grease the ball, and tighten the straps...
  10. J

    2011 gti

    The towing eye on my GTI 130 is low so the rope drags in the water, and splashes if I am pulling a tube. I was wondering if there is any way I can mount somewhere else on the jet ski or get something that can raise the mounting point. I was looking at the ski pylons but they are very expensive...
  11. Kevinsnan

    1997 GTI oil dial not working + other questions

    Hi all, I have a 1997 GTI that goes really well. I have noticed now the oil dial on above the handle bars isnt working. The oil seems to be going down from the sump not at a huge rate but still going down so unsure of the issue, again the light does work on the dial but the dial its self...
  12. Kevinsnan

    *Calling All Seadoo 1997 Gti owners or have owned previously*

    Hi All After abit of a shakey start to the season, things are looking up. Engine now starts fine and despite some key issues now alls good. The purpose of this thread to get peoples view on the seadoo 1997 GTI. All sorts of information welcomed from bad points to fuel consumption etc...
  13. J

    Towing a sportster

    I have a 2009 ford taurus you think I could tow a sportster no problem? thanks for help.
  14. F

    To cover or not to cover???

    I just bought a 2006 Gti se 130. I've only gotten it out to the lake 1 time but I'm already hooked. I've heard some people never cover when towing and some people always do. What are the pros and cons to each?