1997 GTI oil dial not working + other questions

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Hi all,

I have a 1997 GTI that goes really well. I have noticed now the oil dial on above the handle bars isnt working. The oil seems to be going down from the sump not at a huge rate but still going down so unsure of the issue, again the light does work on the dial but the dial its self doesnt register any oil in the sump tank. Anything i should be checking more then the flow of oil getting to the engine?

Also its tows ok but when the ringo is upside down (after ive chucked someone off it) the engine seems to struggle towing. Can i just double check this is the suction on the water between the ringo and the water causing a drag hense it struggling rather then it being a engine issue?

Any help welcomed

Oil dial? Does it have an actual oil gauge? I thought it only had a light. Regardless... I would check the wires going to the gauge, and the sender.

As far as the issue after the tow ring flips... it's probably just the extra drag from the tube. I know when I tow, and the tube flips... I can feel like I hooked to rope on something under the water.
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