1997 Seadoo GTS Oil System Troubleshooting

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My 1997 Seadoo GTS has been in the family its whole life and this forum has been very, very good to me. So thanks for that. But now I am having a issue now that I cant seem to find any conversations that fit my issue completely.
Here goes.....
Oil Light came on (indicates low oil-right?)
Oil tank is 3/4 full
Appears that one of the two oil lines (large ones going to crank case) may be dry
I pulled tank out, so I can replace lines and filter. Hoping I dont have to deal with the oil pump
I blew through all the lines, nothing is clogged.
First, is the float in the oil tank supposed to slide up and down freely?
Second, if the float is faulty, will that affect my oil feed in any way and give me a "red" light?
If my oil pump fails, will that give me a "red" light?
The crank case is basically gravity fed, so should always be full if there is no clogs?

Sorry so long winded, any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Welcome to the forum. In regards to your questions, I would imagine the float should move freely. If the float if faulty it can give you the red light, but it would not affect the flow. The oil pump won't give you a light, but it is a very reliable system. If the cable to it fails the pump will be full on, so it won't be under-lubricated. Finally, the system is gravity fed, so unless there is a clog, oil should get to the RV shaft and pump.

If you need more info on this, post your questions in the 2-stroke PWC section of the forum.
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