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  • I did what many here seem to do. I bought and then researched. This was very unwise. After reading here and working on mine I have learned a good bit and if I were looking for a jetski today, I would not buy the ones I own. That is not to say I don't enjoy them. I just could have gotten a much better deal for machines in much better shape. One day I plan to upgrade both in year model and horsepower but I'm good for now.
    Prime the fuel system. Use a mist bottle and spray a little fuel in carbs while trying to start. Or pressurize the fuel tank with a little air to force a little fuel through lines. Or use a primer bulb online to prime manually. I'd say you have an air leak somewhere but you can get fuel through system by using one of the above. After cleaning carbs on bob mine I have never had luck with carbs priming fuel system so I gave it alittle assistance.
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