1. N

    06 gtx 4-tec rudder broken

    So the left rudder on my seadoo cracked at the mounting point. Looks like the part is required for steering. (Obviously it’s part of the steering and will improve steering) If removed will there be issues. I haven’t taken it off yet but I noticed that it’s letting water into the hull. So if I...
  2. O

    2021 Fish Pro Issues

    We've had our 2021 Fish Pro for about a month and have run into these problems. I've talked to both service and sales at our dealer and we of course will be bringing the Fish Pro in for service at a later date. Meanwhile, we are wondering if others have seen the same and if there are known...
  3. A

    2005 challenger 180 steering box removal

    Hello all! I have gone through many different forums/ videos and can’t seem to find my answer so here we go: I have a 2005 challenger 180 and the boat sat for a while and I’m in the process of getting her back on the water. 3 years ago I had a shop work on the boat and it seems as if they did...
  4. 2

    Lost steering on RXP X 260

    Yesterday I was going around a turn and the steering just went loose. No matter which way I turn the wheel it won’t turn. When I turn the wheel, it feels a little lose than before too. What can I do, and is there an easy fix? Model: 2013 RXP X 260
  5. rslangham

    2001 GTX only steers reliably at low speed

    I anchored my seadoo near a boat ramp while I went and parked my truck. Came back and it was butting up some on the boat ramp concrete slope, seemed minor. Though, after taking it out it any left or right turns were very very slow at any higher speeds. Though at slow and semi idling speeds I...
  6. S

    Steering Cable Bellows and Steering Feel

    I just bought a 2000 Sportster 1800, and have been trying to learn as much about it as I can. I grew up with a bunch of different boats, but all were outboards or I/O, so this is my first experience with jet drive. I am trying to figure out if my boat is acting normal for a jet boat, or if I...
  7. SeptemberC

    Seadoo / BRP Hamlin Low Speed Control Sensor Ass'y. 204470631 Throttle Assist

    Mine has stopped working and I have spent the last 3 weeks finding a replacement. Seadoo / BRP has discontinued them (of course) Part number replacement for Seadoo / BRP 204470631 Low Speed Control Sensor Ass'y Mouser Electronics P/N 93459065-1-S-02-A $4.10 (8.4mm sensitivity) your choice...
  8. ocod

    Not my best day

    Idiot decides to make left and I never saw him as other car on outside lane my blocking view. Walked away with sore ribs and right lef hit dash under steering wheel Worst part was my care had 6m left of being paid off. :cuss:
  9. S

    Wanted to buy: UMI steering for X4

    anything for sale?
  10. JustSteve

    Is this steering assembly compatible?

    The photo shows a steering assembly that I picked up for free. Thought that it would be a safer setup for my 15 year old on the '94 SP that I am building for him. The current setup is stock handlebar with no handlebar pad. Lots of steel to get caught up in when flying over the front in a...
  11. M

    Steering question

    It seems like the steering on my 2009 Challenger 180 is off, I have to turn the wheel to about 10 0'clock to get it to go straight. Other than that it has no issues turning at idle or at speed, it's just off center a bit. Any issues with just unbolting the steering wheel and rotating it so that...
  12. N

    1996 Seadoo XP steering cable removal

    I purchased a 1996 XP for a good price and the steering cable seems to be locked up, and well, I broke it. So I need to get the cable replaced. I got the but unscrewed inside the hull which I thought would be the hardest part and that only took a couple seconds. Does anyone know a trick to...
  13. D

    Is this a Reverse cable or a steering cable?

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Just bought a 1997 sportster. I got an extra cable along with it that I need help identifying... Is this a reverse cable or a steering cable?
  14. Kylesb

    97 speedster thottle problems and stalling

    Hello everyone. Im new to the forum and new to the whole jet boat/PWC world. I picked up a 1997 seadoo speedster 2 weeks ago and of course everything worked when I went and looked at it. Today was the first day I took it out and ran into some weird problems My starboard throttle revs to the...
  15. S

    Help! 97 GTX Steering - Bolt Snapped!

    Today while I was riding, the steering ceased to function and I started doing circles. I hopped in to investigate and the plastic steering cover was almost off. I was able to push it back on and idle in. The top bolt snapped! It is the very top bolt that holds the steering "cowel" in...
  16. L

    1992 Seadoo GTS replace steering cable question

    Here's the question - I see steering cables for sale on Ebay for my 1992 Seadoo GTS. Looks fairly straight forward. Here is the question: What broke was just the last inch or so at the back of the cable - the threaded part that attaches to the water diverter for steering. It left only...
  17. B

    Replacement Steering Wheel - Challenger

    Hello, I need some help. I have a 2010 210 Challenger SE and my steering wheel is busting open from the rust (salt water only use). I don't feel like spending $500 for an OEM. Has anyone found other options? Thanks in advance.
  18. A

    stiff steering 2002 GTX 4tec

    I have a 2002 GTX 4 tec. The ski sat for a while. it runs great now but the Steering is very stiff.i have looked at the back on the opas and the jet and dont see anything jumping out. The ski is usable but takes a lot of muscle to turn the steering. any ideas about how to trouble shoot?
  19. mterblanche

    Low speed steering issue

    I'm having an issue with steering at low speeds. Between 20-30mph the boat wants to steer to port, I have to turn the wheel 1/2 a turn to starboard to compensate. The speed bleeds off a bit and there is more bow wake on the starboard side. Needless to say, steering to starboard is then extremely...
  20. M

    Sea-Doo 2012 GTI 155

    Hello, I purchased a 2012 GTI 155 last summer and it runs great. However, after I hit about 10 hrs, I noticed that the PWC started listing port side on some occasions about 10 degrees or so. Also, it you point the bow of the PWC towards a target, it pulls to the left. Most people would not...