starting issues

  1. B

    1997 Sea- Doo GTS Not starting

    Hey friends of Sea-Doo, I've been relying heavily on other's posts for the last two weeks and now need help of my own! Long-story: Bought a 1997 GTS two weeks ago. It was sitting outside for a year prior to purchase, so I added some iso-heet to the tank and filled it up (probably 2 gallons...
  2. rgardner928

    717 Issues

    I have an issue with my 97 seadoo speedster. The issue is with one of my 717's. Its having issues starting..and when it starts, the rpms are maxing out at about 3.5k to 4k on full throttle. Why?
  3. S

    SeaDoo diagnosis?

    We have a sea doo and we just used it last summer but now we tried to start it and it wouldn’t start. It wasn’t the battery. Kept trying and it started for a second, and then stopped. Then it started MAJORLY backfiring. So loud! Stubborn as we are we continue a couple more times and then stop...
  4. D

    Help! 2000 Seadoo GTX wont turn over after running for a while

    Life was good a couple weeks ago, and then suddenly NOT. Story goes - bought a used 2000 Seadoo GTX a couple weeks ago.... ran good. First thing I did was buy a new battery. 4 days ago "12 Volt maintenance" came on and I lost throttle power after riding for 10mins. After hours of Google and...
  5. V

    1997 Challenger 1800 making Loaud noise from Fuse Box-Selliod or Distributor?

    I have a 1997 Challenger 1800 that I've had for 8 years. Just got it out of climate controlled storage, dropped in recharged battery, put on DSS, got the beep that all was good to fire-up and then Loud Clicking/knocking sounds coming from Main fuse-box in engine compartment. Removed the cover...
  6. S

    1995 Seadoo XP Issue.....HELPPPP !!!

    Hello Everyone first of all Im new to this site so greetings from Tennessee !!! Anyways had a couple questions hoping that someone could help me out. Bought a 95 Seadoo XP couple months ago. Had been sitting for a yr in a garage and only thing it needed was a new battery and it started right up...
  7. M

    Speedster '96 Starting Issues

    All right so port side engine fires up fine. Starb side not so much. I get a click coming from what seems like the solenoid when when pressing the starter switch but not indications from the starter. Tried jumping the solenoid, no sparks what so ever. Took a shot in the dark and replaced the...
  8. L

    sea-doo hx problems with starting

    Hi, i have a 1995 sea-doo hx and every time that I try starting it I have to spray starter fluid into the carbs. When I get it started it stays running, but as soon as I shut it off and let it sit for awhile it wont start without the fluid. I don't know what to do, any help would be appreciated.
  9. K

    Sea Doo 1997 XP starting problem

    Im a new member. Love the site so far. I have a fantastic 1997 Sea Doo XP that is currently starting and running fine. My problem is that sometimes when I'm out riding and park it floating in the water for a half an hour for a beer or something and it wont start. It happened two...
  10. G

    97 gtx wont start or crank

    i have a 97 seadoo gtx that wont start or even turnover. its been sitting in my driveway for about 3 months, the battery is fully charged. it ran fine the last time i used it and when i got home i washed and flushed it without any problems. i went to start it to winterize it and got nothing. the...
  11. T

    Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 2007, just got it, start up issues

    Hey everybody thanks for opening up my thread! My dad and I just bought a Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 2007, and we have been having a few minor start up issues. We first will put the key in, and 2 beeps will occur, then after the "System Maintenance" phase 4 beeps occur, and occasionally it says "12V...
  12. B

    1996 Challenger Fuse Block Needed, General Electrical Question

    Hello I am new to the forum and needed some help finding a disco'd part. I have a mechanic working on my Challenger and he broke the part of the fuse block where the power goes into it. This block is located under the storage compartment in front of the steering wheel. It has the bilge...