Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 2007, just got it, start up issues

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Hey everybody thanks for opening up my thread!
My dad and I just bought a Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 2007, and we have been having a few minor start up issues. We first will put the key in, and 2 beeps will occur, then after the "System Maintenance" phase 4 beeps occur, and occasionally it says "12V low". When it says 12V low, you can hear that the engine takes that extra second or two in order to start, compared to when it doesn't come up with that message. We charged the battery in the late spring, and we have been using the jet ski on a daily basis this summer. Is this something to be worried about? Everything else seems perfectly normal, and once the sea-doo is running we have no problems at all. Thanks for your help everybody!
I have the exact same jetski! Mine often comes up with 12v low, and yeah it like hesitates before it starts but this is nothing to be worried about. Ive had to charge my batter twice in the past month. Make sure you take the battery out of the jetski before hooking up the charger otherwise you could fry the circuit and all the electronics. Check your water levels on the battery, if they are low then boil a kettle full of water and let it cool, then top up your batter on the jetski. I hope this helps dude!
Okay thanks man! Another thing, is it bad to run the jet ski at full power for 5 seconds each time I go riding? I usually do that like once a day, and I don't know if it is hurting my engine. Thanks!
Are you asking if it is bad to run it at full revs when its in the water for more than 5 seconds, or when the hose is connected and your flushing it out? If your running it at full power IN the water then this is fine, this will do absolutely nothing to the engine except it might over heat after a period of time but this is nothing to worry about. What i usually do when i take the gti out of the water is completely cover the engine in WD-40 and leave it to soak, then unclip all electrical connections (ex spark plugs, ecu) and spray it with WD_40, doing this helps to keep all salt water out of the connections therefore meaning that you will have no electrical problems in these areas. I hope this helps man!
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