2007 155 GTI SE won't start


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Hey Everyone,
i have a 2007 155 GTI SE that won't start. When i connect the key, the instrument cluster doesn't light up, there are no beeps, but it sounds like the starter starts spinning without engaging. Any help would be great.
Cheers, Jason
I have only just started looking for answers. I thought maybe the starter solenoid, but I'm not sure anymore. I have looked everywhere, and I can't find any info that matches the problem I have.
Change your 30A relay on the small panel which you can get at any auto parts store. Until the gauges come on and you get 2 beeps, it will never start. Starter solenoid has nothing to do with that.
Thanks for the info. Unfortunately our ski is not at home at the moment, so I will have a look at it in a couple of weeks. I will report back with how I go with it then.