1. andrewthomz77

    Can't find oil leak RXP-260

    I have a 2012 RXP-260. Almost 300 hours on her and nothing but perfection! Last time I was on the water, every time I let off the throttle, I kept getting the low oil indicator. So, I pulled her out, and checked the oil, only to find out that it was almost bone dry. I do routine checks every...
  2. P

    FOR SALE 2004 RXP and GTX plus trailer $8k San Diego, CA

    $8k for both Sea Doo's & Trailer. Sea Doo 2004 RXP 4-Tec Supercharged (2 seater), Sea Doo 2004 GTX 4-Tec Supercharged (3 seater) and double trailer. Superchargers were rebuilt at 187 & 185 hours. Currently have 213 and 215 hours. They run great and are super fast. I always have them covered when...
  3. C

    Riva stage 1 kit for 04 RXP 215

    I have an 04 RXP 215 that is all stock. I am wanting to add on some mods that will increase throttle response/low end takeoff. I am fine with my top speed but would like to get some more go out the gate. I have been looking at the riva stage 1 kit but am not really wanting to drop the money on...
  4. S


  5. C

    Supercharger rebuild

    I bought a really clean 04 RXP with only 109 hours. The person I bought it from told me the supercharger was rebuilt at 80 hours. Oil looked clean and it seemed he kept up with all maintenance and was stored in his basement after being winterized every year. I was wondering if I should go ahead...
  6. S


    Looking to see if anyone can help me out with a problem, lets a friend ride my seadoo and he was spinnin around on it lots. He came back and it wouldn’t go over 25mph usually goes 70mph. Seadoo will start then shut off 10 seconds after. Seems like the machine is bogging and running shitty. Not...
  7. I

    Seadoo Hull Repair

    Hi all, I was on a trip this weekend and I guess parked my ski a little close to shallow water, during some choppy times and it gave it quite the beating off of rocks. Stupid me. It doesn't appear to have gone right through, as it happened a distance away from the final destination...
  8. 2

    Lost steering on RXP X 260

    Yesterday I was going around a turn and the steering just went loose. No matter which way I turn the wheel it won’t turn. When I turn the wheel, it feels a little lose than before too. What can I do, and is there an easy fix? Model: 2013 RXP X 260
  9. R

    2007 Sea-Doo RXP 215 Gauge Cluster

    Hello everyone. We are brand new ski owners and have a problem with the gauge cluster. When the ski is no longer running and completely shut off, the gauge cluster continuously turns on and off. It does this without the key being anywhere near the ski. It has drained two different batteries...
  10. Keepinitbreezy

    Ran my rxp with too much oil help

    I overfilled my 2005 sea doo rxp with way too much oil and I took it out to the water it ran good for like 10 min then the oil light came on and the cluster said oil and it was in limp mode after that I took it home noticed I had overfilled it by a lot no water was in the oil I got the level to...

    2016 SEADOO RXP-X 300 Not Starting

    Good Day, I have a 2016 Seadoo RXP 300, it had salt water damage on the Intercooler and Throttle, I bought the ski from a friend, Plugged into CANDOO Pro and had several errors listed below: - P060E - P106E - P1615 - P1619 - P1620 - P1622 Most of these were active so i decided to physically...
  12. R

    Seadoo Purchase decision

    i currently have a 1996 XP but its not reliable enough to use it to school. So i think im going to sell it and buy a newer PWC that is more reliable so i can use it to school and be sure it starts when im going home again, haha. so i've been searching around and i found these to be within my...
  13. Andirxpx260

    Rxpx260 module problem

    Hi everyone , i bought this ski about a month ago , put 6 hours on it and now it gave me a problem . I changed the battery last week before my last ride and had no problems that day . The next day when it was raining i forgot to put the cover on it after flushing the ski . And now my ibr and...
  14. Frankm1188

    2006 RXP w/ x charger only doing 40 mph

    Last year I bought a 2006 RXP. It was pretty quick and the right at 80 hours. I read about all the horror stories of the supercharger washers coming apart. So this winter I replaced it with the x charger, replaced the injectors, oil, and replaced the fuel pump with a high-volume fuel pump. It...
  15. Nichlas

    RXP X 255 How to remove 'engine housing'

    Hi guys, Bought a RXP X255 model 2010 couple of days ago. In Finland it is winter right now and plenty of time for testing and learning I noticed the trim is not working and the fuse goes off right away when trying trimming. Changed the fuse and the new one went off right away. So I assume...
  16. 3ftDeep

    Tribute to The Canadian Swamp King

    Our friend and mentor, Les the Canadian Swamp King, recently passed away. This tribute is our way of saying thank you for everything you did to inspire us. We'll miss you, Les.
  17. R

    RXPX260 error code p1120 and p2620 after +6800 rpm

    Hi, i have an RXPX260 and i have a problem, my pwc works Ok, but when i pull it to +6800 rpm (aprox), get a long biiiiiiip and then the check engine light and the engine blocks in 2000 rpm (aprox) The diags code are p1120 and p2620. anybody knows whats happening? thanks.
  18. Gints

    Which engine is better RXP 260 | 300

    Hay, I have a question, which of those engines are better ? RXP 260 or RXP 300. ___________________________________________________ Which of them are safer ? Or what kind a problems I can expect ? Feel free to tell everything. Thank you! :)
  19. dfos88

    2008 Seadoo RXP-X 255 Top Speed? VTS?

    Hi, I recently got a 2008 Seadoo RXP-X for my graduation gift from my father and have a few questions about it.. I've taken it out 4 times already the past 2 weeks and this thing is a beast!! So last time I went out I wanted to see the top speed of it because I heard that the Speedometer...
  20. sheldon2es

    Rx -> rxp

    If this sounds familiar from GreenHulk, that's cuz it is. long time lurker, but i finally cant find something from the search bar. Plus, you folks are a different group of opinions than greenhulk. I have a 2000 RX Millennium. Love the thing. Just would like it to be a hair larger and more...