2018 GTRX 230 compared to 04 RXP 215


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Wanted to see if anyone had experience on both of these skis. I had an 04 rxp 215 last year and loved it but ended up selling. Looking at buying a 2018 gtrx 230 and was curious on the comparison in speed, acceleration, playfulness etc.

Also looking at an 05 rxt but I haven’t been wanting to go with the rxt because I have heard it is less fun in terms of cutting and more playfull riding, which I enjoy along with quick acceleration and top speed runs. This is why I am leaning toward the gtrx because from what I can tell it will be just as fast and playfull as the 04 rxp 215. Let me know your guys experience on any of these skis, having a hard time finding any direct comps on the internet.
Definitely not as playful as the rxp but it rides 10x smoother on rough water. Speed wise they are pretty similar but the gtr runs smoother and quieter. Ibr is a huge plus as well.