Seadoo Hull Repair

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Hi all,
I was on a trip this weekend and I guess parked my ski a little close to shallow water, during some choppy times and it gave it quite the beating off of rocks. Stupid me.

It doesn't appear to have gone right through, as it happened a distance away from the final destination (approximately 100km ride) and I didn't take on any water. It also sat in the water the following day and no water was taken in. It is hard to the touch in the large chip.

I am just wondering if anyone can suggest any 'easy' way to repair this. I am not the most handy, so would appreciate the best step by step instructions. I've looked at other threads and seen things like Gelcoat and Epoxy repairs, as well as Marine Bondo. Wondering what would be the easiest and best application for this job. The big part appears to just mainly be scratches which I was planning on spraying with a spray paint, unless anyone had other suggestions. I have attached pictures!

Let me know if there's anything else I can provide. The fix doesn't have to look perfect (as the ski is an 04 and the damage is mostly under the water) but i'd still like to repair it.




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So from my searches I think i'm going to go with a layer of Marine Tex on top of it. It doesn't appear to have gotten through the fibreglass but I want to put a layer just to prevent any further damage. Sand it down flush, and then i'm going to use an epoxy appliance paint over top of it (black). Anyone have any thoughts or tips on doing it this way?
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