RXPX260 error code p1120 and p2620 after +6800 rpm

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Ramiro Genoval

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Hi, i have an RXPX260 and i have a problem, my pwc works Ok, but when i pull it to +6800 rpm (aprox), get a long biiiiiiip and then the check engine light and the engine blocks in 2000 rpm (aprox)

The diags code are p1120 and p2620.

anybody knows whats happening?
Throttle position sensor problem. Check connections are clean and not corroded. If good, reset it first using BUDS or Candoo and if that doesn't work replace it.
No, replace the TPS. Note that there are two of them, a right hand and left hand, and most likely only one is faulty. If replaced, it will need reset, or zeroed out, after install.
to clear my stupidity... the TPS is the kind of potenciometer that is located on the right trottle trigger?
Because i taked out it, but dont have signs of corrotion and i cant open because appears to be sealed with glue. Nothing more to do right?

Is there something inside the trottle body to check?
Ahhh!!! Ok!! i was checking the wrong part!! i will dissamble my body trottle today. Thankyou so much!!
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Sorry, I may have confused you and edited my previous response to clarify. That is the TPS right side in the handlebars, the left side is for the ibr brake lever and is in the left side of the handlebars. Both should be checked as they work as a system but most likely the right side will need replaced.

The TB doesn't really have any real serviceable parts on fly by wire models, it is mainly just a servo that changes that opens and closes the butterfly valve.

If connections look good, you will need BUDS or Candoo to proceed. If you buy a new right TPS, which is what I think your problem is, it will need reset using the software.
Finaly i made some tests... and the problem is the trottle body... i tried with a good one, and everithing works good, without failures... anybody knows how to check in the trottle body? Some values or something like that?
My guess would be that the butterfly valve has some internal corrosion and is not allowing it to fully open which is causing the fault with the TPS when it is supposed to be more open than it is. I don't think you have too much to lose by disassembling and cleaning. I haven't taken a newer one apart yet and recall the manual saying there were no serviceable parts and to just replace. If you take it apart, take pics and let us know how it goes.

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