1. BliviTheLynx

    Doing carbon seal on challenger 180

    Hey guys. New to seadoo boats and jet boats. I plan on doing my carbon seal in a week or so. I have a 2006 180 215hp with 95 hours and have a bit of cavitation on the hole shot. New wear ring and impeller. I’m decently mechanically inclined when it comes to cars so I’m comfortable doing this on...
  2. T

    Recommend Hull Repair Needed

    Hi I have a 2018 GTI SE 130 (very first Jet ski owned) that unfortunately got a little roughed up battling with a rock. (see attached) I'm thinking of repairing with WaterWeld Epoxy Putty- the depth of the scratches is minimal. I think I will need some sort of gel cote finish on top of that or...
  3. vresquivel

    Any one know what material is the hood of?

    Hello. I have a 2008 Wake 215 I bought last July. It's and old guy so it came with broken/scratched hull, but watching videos we were able to repair the hull. However there's another big bump the previous owner did on the hood, and I would like to repair it. However I cannot determine what...
  4. I

    Seadoo Hull Repair

    Hi all, I was on a trip this weekend and I guess parked my ski a little close to shallow water, during some choppy times and it gave it quite the beating off of rocks. Stupid me. It doesn't appear to have gone right through, as it happened a distance away from the final destination...
  5. B

    Buying Used, Would This Be An Issue?

    Hey everyone! I currently own a 2017 GTI SE 130. My girlfriend is now wanting one as well. We saw a 2018 GTI SE 130 with a trailer for $9,500. It has around 15 hours on it and runs perfectly. But the bottom of the hull has some scratches/chip in it. Here are some pictures... What do y’all think...
  6. milenas70

    HELP! Drain plugs open when in water

    Anyone can give me some emergency help? New with jetski and drove drain plugs open in salt water.. yes dumb. Got the jet ski on trailer. Batteries and e box seem to be damaged. Where to start to repair? Any advice is much appreciated Thanks
  7. captcharles

    How badly did I screw up fuel line vent??? '06 Utopia 205

    I was working in the engine compartment and leaned up against something and heard a pop. Much to my dismay I broke off a fuel barb fitting. How bad it this going to be? Do I have to replace the whole fuel pump or anyone know how to repair this. I think it's a fuel vent line but not certain...
  8. Now Bro

    Intake grate repair

    Has anyone tried to repair a damaged intake grate? 2005 sportster 155. I sucked up my rope and it broke both arms of grate at rear. It is still bolted in front, but 2 rear pieces are off kilter.
  9. G

    No spark

    Im posting for help with a seadoo I'm working on for a friend. He dropped off a 1995 seadoo gtx. He rebuilt the motor and every thing worked fine til one day it cut off on him so he thought it was the fuel system. Asked me to go through it and clean it all, which I did. Still didn't help. Next...
  10. 3ftDeep

    Gelcoat Repair

    How to deal with those nasty cracks and chips ... If you like our videos, please Subscribe! (a thumbs up would be nice, too)
  11. 3ftDeep

    Gelcoat Repair

    How to deal with those nasty cracks and chips ... If you like our videos, please Subscribe! (a thumbs up would be nice, too)
  12. russellb

    Atlantic Powersports in Hampton, VA

    Has anyone used Atlantic Power-Sports in Hampton, VA for service or repair? I really need to find a good mechanic in my area. I have two skis that need work in order to get them in the water. I just bought them about two weeks ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. russellb

    Superior PWC in Porstmouth, VA

    Has anyone used superior PWC in Portsmouth, VA? I haven't heard much about them. There appears to only be a few repair shops in the area that are not associated with dealers. Trying to get a couple of ski's in the water soon. One 2 stroke and one 4 stroke.
  14. Z

    super charger help

    hello I just bought a 2003 seadoo gtx sc and iv put about 20 hrs on it and its now at 90hrs just the other day I was riding it and the speed cut out and it will only do about 35mph I believe its a supercharge problem but from what I have heard the 2003 did not have washers to replace so where do...
  15. marcxp95

    New member! :D

    Hi everyone, i'm from spain, and my english is very very bad. But i think that using the translator and my little knowledge of english we could understand!:p If anybody in the forum speaks spanish i will be lucky!! :D I bought 2 seadoos xp 95 , both are borken and 2 weeks ago i started...
  16. T

    repair Mercury wear ring

    Hello everyone I thought I would share my experience repairing my Merc wear ring. While mine was not badly damaged, it did have some wear. The clearance between impeller and ring was about 1/16 inch. I wanted it a little smoother and less clearance. At first, I tried a product called...
  17. P

    Inherited seadoo that wasnt running

    I got a seadoo from my father inlaw when he passed. It just made a clunk when I tried to start it. I have never worked on engines or owned a seadoo. So I took manifold off, took out starter, cleaned all connections, got water out of engin, put oil in sparkplug holes, ex. I finaly got it to fire...
  18. T

    Ski Post not working, wont lock

    i have a 2001 Seadoo Speedster, and the ski pole will not luck when you turn it at its up position. it just rests there and when you put a little bit of pressure on the top it falls down. does anyone know how to get it to stay put? THANK YOU!!!
  19. nwittema

    What's slowing my 2000 GTX down?

    Hi all, My Seadoo has actually gone through the whole summer with no problems. I recently did notice that it seems/feels slower. I got the top speed via Garmin gps at 50.1mph - my speedometer does not work ( :rolleyes:). This seems slow for what I expect with the 951 engine so I did some...
  20. G

    Broken Pump Housing Stud- Solution????

    What is the best solution for repairing a broken stud that holds the pump housing to the transum. When I was removing the housing, the stud simply brake in half as I thought that I was loosening the nut. I've never had this happen.