Superior PWC in Porstmouth, VA

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Has anyone used superior PWC in Portsmouth, VA? I haven't heard much about them. There appears to only be a few repair shops in the area that are not associated with dealers. Trying to get a couple of ski's in the water soon. One 2 stroke and one 4 stroke.
Most guys here are doing their own maintenance and repairs. We're all here to help guys through the process.
Thanks for the reply. I considered trying my own repair. I got a package deal on 2 skis. One RXT and one GTX DI. The GTX DI was not running but was basically free. I had the mechanic order a replacement engine from SBT. This has been a long ongoing project but I'm hopeful that it is almost done. It wasn't finished in time for last season and it sat at the shop for the winter. Just ordered a used MPEM that we hope works. The sad part of the deal is that I would have been well on the way to purchasing a comparable ski new. Another lesson learned the hard way.
Stay away! Multiple issues that are now being corrected by another mechanic. After sitting at this shop for almost a year I finally got it back. Fired it up on the hose and noticed an exhaust leak right off. Took it to another mechanic to look over the exhaust leak and went ahead and asked him to do a quick check while it was there. He found that it did not have the correct oil pump drive (engine would have eaten itself quickly if ran in this condition). Also a leak from the cooling system which may have sunk the ski if I had tried to ride it. All his after investing around $4000 in a ski that I would have a lot of trouble selling for that amount.