1. grivera

    Utopia 205 mechanic in South Florida

    Good day Forum. After a simple routine Jet Drive/strator lube maintenance gone bad, I need help to completing this job. I have 4 shaved bolts that need to be removed before I can put the strator back together and re-lube. I have tried everything!!. PB blaster for weeks, heat, cold, screw...
  2. E

    2005 Seadoo RXT Rebuild Anyone?

    I have a 2005 Seadoo RXT that only ran for about 5 minutes on a new to me used eBay engine before locking up. Today I took the ski out and under full open throttle it turned off. After further inspection I’m thinking it needs a full rebuild. Read below and let me know your thoughts. I purchased...
  3. GtxJ

    sedoo mechanic - Ontario/Niagara/Hamilton/Haldimand

    Anyone know of any good seadoo mechanics in the niagara/hamilton/haldimand/dunnville areas?
  4. russellb

    Found a mechanic who covers Southeastern VA and Northeastern NC

    I have been trying to find someone who works on PWC's near me for a while. I actually found a guy in Moyock, NC who will provides a mobile service. I have an appointment for 6/13. I will let everyone know how it works out. I know there has to be some others in the area who would be interested.
  5. Westside


    Hello from Seattle! I recently purchased a 2001 GTS from a family member. Have been using it occasionally the past two Summers, and now I have it 100% of the time. Of course, the years past it has run great and first time taking it out after getting the title I have a minor issue. The oil...
  6. J

    In need of a Seadoo mechanic to come to the caribbean

    Hello everyone, I need a really good seadoo mechanic to come down to St.Kitts in the Caribbean to service some of my machines. I have 6 seadoo's for a rental business and currently have 4 of them down for a variety of reasons. I am looking for someone to fly down for 10 days to work on them...
  7. russellb

    Atlantic Powersports in Hampton, VA

    Has anyone used Atlantic Power-Sports in Hampton, VA for service or repair? I really need to find a good mechanic in my area. I have two skis that need work in order to get them in the water. I just bought them about two weeks ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. russellb

    Superior PWC in Porstmouth, VA

    Has anyone used superior PWC in Portsmouth, VA? I haven't heard much about them. There appears to only be a few repair shops in the area that are not associated with dealers. Trying to get a couple of ski's in the water soon. One 2 stroke and one 4 stroke.
  9. russellb

    Anyone from the Outter Banks area of NC or the Hampton Roads area of VA?

    Looking for people from Hampton Roads, VA or Outter Banks of NC. Wondering where you take your SeaDoos to get work done and where you usually ride.
  10. russellb

    Looking for a good place to ride

    I am in the Northeastern NC area just across the VA state line from Chesapeake, VA. Is there anyone in this area on the forum? Where do you usually ride? I'm looking for a good spot for tubing. My son likes to ride the tube behind the sea doo. I'm also interested in finding a good mechanic in...
  11. R

    Sea-Doo mechanics S. Dallas Area

    need a mechanic near my area. I live a little south of dallas.
  12. ANDYstepan

    Mechanic around KC/St Joe

    hey all - I'm looking for someone to install 2 new motors in my seadoo challenger over the winter. Anyone know anyone? thanks! - Andy 646.641.1652
  13. speedsterj

    PWC repairs in GTA?(Toronto)

    I have been to a dealer in Toronto and had been going to them for many years.I will not be returning to them unless I'm truly stuck.Personal reasons why I won't use them let's just say. I am looking for a new PWC mechanic in the Toronto area. Can anyone steer in their direction? Been looking...
  14. C

    louisiana mechanic

    does anyone know of a good mechanic in south louisiana or any to avoid the only mechanic ive used is master marine in Lafayette and he doesnt work on seadoos i have gotten to the point to where i dont have a clue what is wrong and i want someone who knows what theyre doing i dont care...
  15. D

    Seadoo mechanic needed in Murcia and Marbella

    Group of us keep having our pants pulled down when having work done at our local dealer. Does anyone know of any experienced mechanics in either of these areas?? If you're in the UK and fancy the odd trip over let me know. Cheers, Darryl