1. N

    2022 GTI SE 170 Engine Noise

    Hello, new here and have a question about my ski listed in title. I am currently 5.5 hours into my break in period and a new engine noise has emerged. After a full throttle stretch - maybe 4 seconds - releasing the throttle creates a louder, more “rattle” like engine sound that occurs shortly...
  2. I

    GTX RFI Engine is Out - What else should I service?

    So I pulled the engine from my 1998 GTX RFI to repair a cracked lower water channel. While it is out I rebuilt the starter and am going to clean the RAVE valves. What else should I service while it is out and easy to get at everything? I can't remember if read somewhere about cleaning the...
  3. russellb

    Atlantic Powersports in Hampton, VA

    Has anyone used Atlantic Power-Sports in Hampton, VA for service or repair? I really need to find a good mechanic in my area. I have two skis that need work in order to get them in the water. I just bought them about two weeks ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. russellb

    Superior PWC in Porstmouth, VA

    Has anyone used superior PWC in Portsmouth, VA? I haven't heard much about them. There appears to only be a few repair shops in the area that are not associated with dealers. Trying to get a couple of ski's in the water soon. One 2 stroke and one 4 stroke.
  5. D

    Any last thoughts before I buy my 1st Sea Doo?

    Hi guys, Thanks for reading. I have read just about every thread on here so thanks to everyone. I am just about to commit to my first boat. It's a 2006 Speedster 200 430hp It's done 88hrs so I know I have to rebuild the sc's, it still has the original ceramic washers in! That's 88 hrs...
  6. S

    Tubing Accident, Need Help!

    Yes, it happened. While tubing today, the ski rope line got crossed under the ski and of course got sucked into the intake grate and tangled in the impeller, drive shaft, and other internal workings in the area I assume. Being new to owing a Sea Doo, I need help. I would have to say that in...
  7. AirJordan613

    2005 RXT Service / Problem

    I everyone. I have a 2005 RXT. It has about 50 hours on it and it hasn't been services in about 15 hours. The maint indicator on the screen is on and I'm wondering what needs to be done aside from an oil change. Also, it has starting problem. About half the times I go to start it clicks. If I...
  8. K

    Hello from Florida!

    Hello everyone! I am the Marketing Director & eBay sales person at The Jet Ski Store in Clearwater/Pinellas Park, Fl. If you ever need any help with anything, please contact me or look us up at We do service, retail sales, eBay sales and online sales. If you're too far...
  9. B

    Help on Northern CA repair shop and new owner tips

    I just bought a 1995 Speedster and would appreciate any reference to a good mechanic or service shop in Northern California. I live in Dublin, CA (about 30 miles east of San Francisco, zip 94568). The seller has given me 10 days to get it inspected or the sale is final. So any info on good...
  10. B

    weekend boater

    Put new plugs in 3 year old sportster during winter- engine runs smooth and starts easy but thrust won't get speed over 25-30 mph. LAt year topped out at over 40. any ideas?