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hello I just bought a 2003 seadoo gtx sc and iv put about 20 hrs on it and its now at 90hrs just the other day I was riding it and the speed cut out and it will only do about 35mph I believe its a supercharge problem but from what I have heard the 2003 did not have washers to replace so where do I go from here im a big do it your selfer but have never worked on jet skis so any help would be nice (how expensive)(where to buy parts)(what I need) how to remove) all help would be very appreciated
Almost sounds like you lost your boost. Check for loose intake hoses or if there are cracks in them.
Check all your hose clamps on the pressure side of the charger. I bet one came loose and the hose blew off. Or ot could be a crack in the hose like Joe mentioned.
Thank you you guys I took the supercharge off and it was fine so I rechecked all my connections in the hoses and I think I may have solved it I won't know till I take it out on the water is there another hose to check besides the main hose from the supercharge to the carb
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