1. SeadoozyBreeze

    Relocate Pisser

    Hello All, Bit of newbie here with a new old seadoo, 1997 GTX. I'm trying to set it up for some fishing with a crate on the back and I inevitably realized my pisser is going to spray directly against my cooler. Considered the inline valve, then read I may want to relocate so it will continue...
  2. B

    FOR SALE 2017 Sea-doo RXT 260

    2017 Sea-doo RXT 260 With trailer and cover. 168 hours. New IBR. $11.995.
  3. JerMcMahan


    Hello, I have a 1998 GTX limited 951 Sea Doo. Where can I find a computer system for one?
  4. S

    Broken Piece and Smashed Corner on 657x engine, also flywheel timing

    So as I go back to work on re assembling a 657x for my seadoo xp, I find the engine on the ground, a piece missing and the corner of the head smashed, also at this time I was attaching the flywheel and stator, luckily those parts were still on my bench and nothing was broken on them, so I...
  5. S

    1994 sea doo gts 580

    hello i have a 1994 sea doo gts 580, will start on trailer and in water, but wont accelerate over 5mph , replaced stator,mpem,coil,voltage regulator,battery,plugs,rings,wear ring,carb rebuild,spark plugs,drained fuel tank,new oil,new pistons. new jet pump oil....cant figure out why it wont run...
  6. U

    2000 Seadoo GTX ME not beeping anymore with lanyard in

    For starters Hi everyone as I'm new to posting on this forum but have gotten answer in the past by reading other posts. I have a 2000 GTX ME which was doing nothing with my battery on it. so i put jumper cables to it and it was giving me the 1 beep meaning my lanyard was not programmed which...
  7. M

    Sea-Doo 2012 GTI 155

    Hello, I purchased a 2012 GTI 155 last summer and it runs great. However, after I hit about 10 hrs, I noticed that the PWC started listing port side on some occasions about 10 degrees or so. Also, it you point the bow of the PWC towards a target, it pulls to the left. Most people would not...
  8. rksnow1

    WTB or trade for seadoo boat.. Questions and things to look for?

    Hey Seadoo Pro's. Ive had a few PWC over the last few years and now thinking I want to upgrade (or rather my wife does)to a small Seadoo or Seadoo Style jet boat, sugar sand, yamaha etc .My wife had a bad experience on our skis and only wants a boat now. So now my search and questions start...
  9. R

    seadoo wont move

    i have a 1996 seadoo gtx, and i am having some problems with it. i replaced the wear ring last year, but when i put everything all together last year, and put the seadoo in the water it would start up and the motor would run fine but the prop wouldn't spin. Any ideas on what this could be?
  10. R

    2012 Wake Pro Stereo Installation

    Here are some pics of my latest install. This is on a 2012 Seadoo Wake Pro 215. After 2 months, I couldn't resist. The sound is amazing and loud. Specs: Kicker everything: ps5250 speakers, pxi50.2 amp and controller, px200.1 sub amp, 6.5" CVT651 sub **ADDED Video**...
  11. C

    GTI LE RFI - usual protocol for flipping and maintenance

    Hey guys, my cousins and i are new jet ski owners and users, and this GTI LE RFI is our family's first PWC just wondering what the protocol should be when we flip our watercraft? like which direction it has to go, how to do it, and whether we should start it afterwards or not? and also...
  12. S

    Rental Insurance in Canada - Recommendations ?

    Hi Folks, We currently have a rental property in Northern Ontario that we rent out during the summer and winter months and were toying with the idea of renting out our PWC to our guests. I have a couple of questions with this and could use someone's expert opinion. Would our typical PWC...
  13. C

    1996 seadoo GSX- Carbourator problems

    When i give my jet ski about half throttle every now and then it will loose rpms and slow down but then speed back up. Thank you to anyone who responds it will be a big help.
  14. djredman99

    Best Sea-Doo promotions

    I am new to the PWC scene and wanted to get an idea of when the 'right time to buy' is. I am curious as to how good Sea-doo promotions get, and at what time of year they tend to be the best. Currently they are offering $1000 cash rebate and 3.9% financing at 36 months on new PWC's. If I...
  15. D

    Is a 1994 Sea Doo XP worth $2000 with a trailer and hoist?

    The hoist is a good, four legged standalone, not a davit with a sling. And the trailer is newer than the jet ski and in good shape. I test drove it and it started and ran good. I didn't really open it up because it was so rough. The price was 2500 but he said he'd take 2000. It seems to be all...
  16. J

    Sportster or PWC

    New here - would love some opinions. Water here is pretty choppy - would a sportster be more comfortable than a PWC? I have my eye on a 2003 and a 2007 sportster...any big difference on ride or mechanical? There's also a Honda PWC do they compare to Sea Doo? Thanks...
  17. N

    Silverdale/Bremerton WA

    Just moved to Silverdale WA and looking for places to ride/launch my PWC. Any info would be appreciated...
  18. R

    03 or 04 xp di?

    which xp to buy?? I am in the process of purchasing a new sea-doo. i want to know which xp/di to buy between the 1998 and 2004. Is the direct injection good? i do like the digital readout on the 2003-4 Thanks for the help.
  19. rksnow1

    lights on PWC

    Hi, I saw alot of posts for people adding LEDs to their jet boats. Anyone ever done this to a PWC? Or know if the battery will handle the drain or what would have to be done. Im not looking for show, but utility really. Just wanted to know if its possible or cost effective. I have an old...
  20. Charlie Davis

    new in town

    I am retired from a GM parts plant in Wisconsin that closed. I was there thirty years as a Millwright. I came back to Florida (I grew up in the central part of the state), now I live in Green Cove Springs. My Dad is a retired maintenance superintendent. He is eighty-one years old. He has a...