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  2. B

    Looking to buy 2019 Wake 155, only 45 hours but no oil change. Too risky?

    Hello, I'm seriously considering buying a 2019 Wake 155, 4 seasons, only 45 hours in fresh water only, never left in the water, always in heated garage. But the owner has never changed the oil. How concerned should I be? Anything specific I should look for when assessing state of the motor...
  3. seadoo-gts

    2017 seadoo gts (ACE) oil change.

    information for what brand oil filter everyone uses... I've dug for info on my ski but seems the gts is the bastard child that uses parts from multiple different models. Same engine as the spark and so on. It's the 900 ACE model if anyone has a part number on hand for oil filter and what oil...
  4. B

    2021 GTI SE 170 - Changeable Oil

    Question about the "Changeable" Oil Quantity. I have 2 x 2021 GTI SE 170s, with about 20 hours on both. End of the season means time for oil changes and winterization up here in Canada. I did the all the necessary work last weekend, and when I changed the oil, I got 4L of oil out of both...
  5. Explorgm

    2013 GTX S 155 Oil Filter Removal!?!

    We have a new to us 2013 GTX with 21 hours on the clock. Have changed out all of the gas, plugs and now doing the oil change. (We did our recently purchased 2006 GTI, with 128 hours, also which was super easy) According to the CanDooPro, the last service was 2019, but hoping that they did an...
  6. R

    Changed oil in 1999 GTX RFI - Now I have a couple of air bubbles I cannot get out

    Previous owner used blue 2 stroke oil in the seadoo so I went and got the right stuff (I thought it would be yellow, but I have been assured by the store the red oil I received is correct). I siphoned out all the blue 2 stroke oil from the engine and thoroughly cleaned the oil tank. Now that I...
  7. B0b83

    2012 Seadoo Challenger 180 Oil change O rings and Capacity

    Hello all! I've used a $5 harbor freight special to remove all my oil and am waiting on my new oil to be delivered from the AMZ tomorrow, I have read the 2011 Shop manual and could not find any mention of oil capacity ANYWHERE... any help with capacity and how to level the boat correctly to...
  8. S

    Oil Change on 2012 Wake Pro - Dumb question

    I just completed an oil change on the Wake Pro. I was able to get about 2.5 quarts out. I started by replacing the same amount and adding. I have now added 3.2 quarts, which is the exact amount that the manual states is the right amount for an oil/filter change. The ski is sitting level...
  9. Zadriel

    Found kawasaki tcw3 oil in skis. best way to fix?

    So I buy these nice looking pair of 97 sea doo gti. They look brand new except for a little hull damage on one. But I think I can repair so I pay 3500 with a nice double trailer. Which I k ow is a little higher than book. But I look inside and the things look New! Guy claims he's had them...
  10. D

    2007 rxp oil??

    I have a 2007 sea doo RXP 215 supercharged. Sea doo oil is rather expensive, so i was wondering if there was an alternative oil to run in this jet ski. I do believe that castrol manufactures sea doo brand oil, so is there are a cheaper alternative that I wont have to order online? thanks!!!!
  11. M

    Changing or adding oil in a 2 stroke sea doo gti

    i have a 1997 sea doo gti (2 stroke) and the oil in it is running low. this will be my first time changing the oil and i was wondering if you just add new oil on top of the old oil because its a 2 stroke engine? or do i have to drain the tank and add completely new oil to it? Basically what im...
  12. C

    1989 Seadoo Sp oil change

    Hi i am new to this forum and the jet ski world. I frequently work on dirt bikes, 3 wheelers, and 4 wheelers, but this is my first jet ski that i have worked on. I bought this seadoo, cleaned the carb, put some fresh gas down the line and got it to run for a short burst. First i am wondering how...
  13. djredman99

    Changing Crankcase Oil - 947/951 engine

    Changing Crankcase/Counterbalance Oil - 947/951 engine Hey all. Recently my 98 GSX Limited took on water because both siphon tubes in the jet nozzle (to the rear of the impeller) had fallen out. My engine took on a lot of water so I followed the shop manual to clear the water out. The manual...
  14. S

    2004 4tec Water In Cylinders

    Son connected water hose to start while on trailer. turned water on prior to starting Sea Doo. Caused water to go into engine. I have pulled plugs out and turned engine over to get water out. Want to change the oil & filter. How do you get to the drain plug and filter??Is there a repair manual...