1. F

    Seadoo GSX 787 Flywheel Key Removal?

    I’m working on a 787 motor and I’m trying to figure out whether or not I need or how to repair/replace the flywheel key. Its worn down a good amount but still protruding. Does it come out and if so is there a way to do that? There is still enough protruding that it catches the notch in the...
  2. PolarCelsius

    95 XP Constant Crank

    Ski has a dead starter, owner fried it from it constantly cranking, solenoid fried too, I put a new solenoid into it and it clicks again, doesn't turn over because I know the starter is dead. As soon as the key is attached (pre DESS) the solenoid clicks, and is constantly getting energized, pull...
  3. FeelinNauti

    Do I have DESS key?

    I have a 2012 Challenger SE 210 and the lanyard is a basic style (no chip). Does the key have a chip or just a fancy key? Is DESS only involving the lanyard or if the ignition key has a chip is there a way to tell? It looks a black cup with a key in the center. Hard to believe there are any...
  4. Kwik_uk

    Mercury Kiekhaefer key float

    Hi folks, I've got, or should say had, one of these key floats. I've had it for years, it used to belong to my dad, and he had it for years before me. He got it at the same time as a '69 1100 Tower of Power I've been restoring. Unfortunately I've lost the set of keys which had this float...
  5. F

    00 islandia no beep on start up

    Well I finally got my remanufactured 240 efi parts switched over from the old block and set it in place and got it fired up over this weekend and it has no beep when you turn the key on. I bought the boat last fall with the engine blowed up on the cheap. The key was missing and I had a key made...
  6. M

    97 Sea Doo GT intermittent key recognition

    97 Sea Doo GS intermittent key recognition Hello all! First off thanks for the time! Last fall I was riding my 97 Sea Doo GS on the Mississippi River. Ran great all day. We pulled in to eat and when we went to leave I put the key on, nothing. Gauges did light up, no beeps, nothing. I got it out...
  7. K

    starting help key problems

    hello i have a 98 seadoo GTX with the 951 that i just bought recently from the previous owner they installed a new computer and wiring. 1 out of every 10 tries the key will work the other times it doesn't give the two beeps saying its plugged in and when you try to start it it gives one long...
  8. L

    DESS Key or DESS key post problem? 97 GTX

    Hello. I am new to this forum. Recently picked up a pair of 97 GTX's. One of them runs great all day. The other one, however will run for a bit, 100 feet or so and shuts off. Sometimes you can go across the whole pond fine, but then it dies. Unplug and or jiggle the saftey key and it will...
  9. XARiUS

    717 woodruff <mag side> crankshaft key

    Does anyone know what size seadoo uses on their woodruff keys, I am going to Fastenal in about an hour and hoping to find a good fit, i think its 3mm x 3.6mm?
  10. J

    Seadoo 2000 Bambardier GTX Starting issue

    We have had issues in the past where we had to adjust the key a few times to get the ski started. I was able to get the Seadoo to turn over once or twice today (just took it out of storage). Then I recharged the battery but the sea doo will no longer even click. I used the connections and the...
  11. M

    97 gtx

    give it a shot I know this is long but just lay out all i have tries thus far. old five amp fuse blows problem. checked stator and all good still blow fuse. put in used mpem. unit would not recognize either the key or the dealer program key. dealer said probably DESS post so replaced with...
  12. S

    not sure where to post question

    I have a 98 seadoo xps. I had a new key programmed that worked fine for about 2wks. I pulled the craft out of the water because it was running very sluggish. (Really needs a good tune up) I tried to crank it about 2wks later and I get nothing. There is no beep when I attatch the key to the dess...
  13. S

    03 GTX bad Sensor Key

    Hey Guys Have an 03 GTX 4-TEC that went died on me. After alot of trouble shooting, from what I found on this forum, I was able to find the problem.. Went to launch the ski the other day and out of the blue, it was completely dead. I put the landyard key in and nothing, no beeps or gauges...
  14. A

    dess / mpem info

    I just need some clarification of what runs on dess/mpem (and what would need reprogramming) by swapping out. In the front box of my 96 gtx it has mpem, rectifier, and starter relay. So i know the relay and rectifier should not have any impact if i was to swap those. Dess key?, Dess key...
  15. F

    Seadoo 3D wont turn over

    I am having problems with my '05 Seadoo 3D. The battery is charged and the unit will not even turn over. Any suggestions on what it might be. I put the key in and it beeps, but when I press the start up button nothing happens. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance!!
  16. R

    GTI Key

    My buddy can't find the key for his 97 GTI, so where should I get one, and how do I program it? Thanks, Scott :)