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I just need some clarification of what runs on dess/mpem (and what would need reprogramming) by swapping out.

In the front box of my 96 gtx it has mpem, rectifier, and starter relay. So i know the relay and rectifier should not have any impact if i was to swap those.

Dess key?, Dess key post? Mpem? any other items?

and is it possible to put in a used mpem and then bring the ski to the dealer to have my keys reprogrammed so they work with the new dess?



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If you use the same or equivalent mpem you shouldn't need to reprogram anything except the lanyard. If you get the dess that goes with the "new" mpem you won't even need to do that.

If you don't get the lanyard that goes with the mpem, once the "new" mpem is installed you'll need to take it to the dealer and have your mpem programmed to your dess (lanyard).

Clear as mud.

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