1. L. Dean Ficarro

    RESTO GSXL parts compatibility

    97.5 GSXL & 99 GSXL Can the 97.5 pump mount on the 99 hull without major surgery? (I don’t mind changing the pumpshoe if i have to) Previous butcher (owner) literally cut sponsons out of the 97.5 hull and took the pump off the 99. Now im working on rebuilding a whitepiped 99 motor and trying to...
  2. J

    Stern winch, bow eyelet

    I'm developing an idea to transfer my 2019 GTI SE 130 from trailer to a shop cart/dolly placed to stern which involves a winch mechanism placed somewhere to stern and the winch strap running forward (under the GTI) to the bow eyelet. I'm curious if the force at this angle will be too much for...
  3. T

    Recommend Hull Repair Needed

    Hi I have a 2018 GTI SE 130 (very first Jet ski owned) that unfortunately got a little roughed up battling with a rock. (see attached) I'm thinking of repairing with WaterWeld Epoxy Putty- the depth of the scratches is minimal. I think I will need some sort of gel cote finish on top of that or...
  4. A

    Oil in hull

    So I went out to my 1999 GSX limited and opened the hatch to find like a quart of fresh oil where the screenbailers go. Have not used the ski in weeks??? Out of no where just all leaked out. Oil res still filled not sure where it’s originating from.
  5. I

    Seadoo Hull Repair

    Hi all, I was on a trip this weekend and I guess parked my ski a little close to shallow water, during some choppy times and it gave it quite the beating off of rocks. Stupid me. It doesn't appear to have gone right through, as it happened a distance away from the final destination...
  6. B

    Buying Used, Would This Be An Issue?

    Hey everyone! I currently own a 2017 GTI SE 130. My girlfriend is now wanting one as well. We saw a 2018 GTI SE 130 with a trailer for $9,500. It has around 15 hours on it and runs perfectly. But the bottom of the hull has some scratches/chip in it. Here are some pictures... What do y’all think...
  7. E

    Water between hull and liner

    I am rebuilding an engine on my GSX Seadoo 1996 and noticed a small amount of water seeps through the fiberglass at the bottom of the craft under the gas tank area. The moisture is obviously coming from the area between the fiberglass hull and the outer liner. Is this a problem of concern, and...
  8. zechamp

    Supercharger Help!

    Hello, I hope everybody is doing well. I am located in Toronto Canada, and our cottage lake is showing signs of the ice going out (although still completely covered on the 14th of April). I will soon be getting my machine ready and I have a couple questions. 1) How can I check to see if the...
  9. dakota.perrin

    needing a hull in tennessee

    i just got a 96 gtx the front end is completely smashed and im trying to fix it but i would like to just swap the motor. if anyone has one or knows where one might be for cheap id appreciate it
  10. G

    How to clean your water stained hull

    Here is a great trick to clean your fiberglass hulls with those nasty water stains
  11. T

    Advice for my GTS, Please!!

    So I've been restoring my '95 GTS. I'm trying to get it back to showroom new. today, for the first time in four years, fired her up. Started instantly without hesitation, no choke or anything. I don't really know what else i should look for. Taking it to the lake this weekend so i guess I'll...
  12. nick.bain

    1997 XP HULL Transplant ??

    Hey guys, I have just purchased a XP with a damaged hull (underside) My question is do any other models use the same bottom half of the hull?? Any help here would be greatly appreciated as there are very few XP hulls around N.Z
  13. B

    Replacing hull insert and bearing carrier on 94 SPX

    I got my new hull insert and bearing carrier finally today (Thanks, to OSD parts, fast shippers!)...any special way on getting the old one out.....and what needs to be done putting the new one in, I know it has to be epoxied, I was planning on using this...
  14. nwittema

    2 Q's: Fiberglass Renewal & Pump Rattle

    Hi All, I have a few questions about my jet pump. 1.) Is there a service out there to restore fiberglass hulls to the smooth finish they once had? I don't care much about looks, but a smoothed clear coat to cover all the scratches from beaching would be nice for my old girl. What would be...
  15. C

    HIN location '07 GTX

    The HIN plates were stolen off my skis. I know they are in other places on the boats, but where? Any clues would be appreciated.
  16. T

    Lotsa oil in hull

    My 97 SP keeps getting lots of oil in the hull, (bout 1 gall) but I cannot find where it is leaking from? Checked for leaks around the tank but don't see any. There is a clear (now brownish) piece of tubing that connects to a 1-way valve on the right side of the hull but I don't know where it...
  17. R

    Color Sanding Hull

    I recently purchased a 06 Seadoo Sportster 4-tec SCIC that has some some scratches along the bottom of the black gelcoat. It looks like the prior owner sanded it with 80 grit sandpaper. I was wondering if anyone knows the proper method to color sand and buff the black gelcoat so I can get it...
  18. chevyguy

    How to remove trim bumper for access to leaking seam?

    FINALLY found where my leak appears to be coming from. Way in the back right corner of my 93 spx seadoo. Can't see the exact spot from the inside (need to remove the buoyancy foam, but I assume it is from the hull seam (possible winter freeze separation?) How do I remove the trim bumper for...
  19. D

    1999 Sea-Doo XP-L Custom Painted Hull without Title - $100.00

    1999 Sea-Doo XP-L Custom Painted Hull without Title - $100.00 Located near St. Louis, MO 1999 Sea-Doo XP-L Hull without Title - Custom Paint, AP Design Traction Mats, Jettrim Spray Deflector, Rear Hatch, Gas Tank, Pump Shoe, Trim Pieces & Bumper, MPEM & Electrical Box Brackets, Vent...
  20. L

    96 Challenger Driveshaft Through Hull Fitting insert?

    I managed to get my pump fully disassembled for overhaul this weekend. I am curious about the through-hull fitting. My fitting is only plastic and has an inside diameter quite a bit larger than the shaft. Is this normal? In the service manual, there is mention of a knurled aluminum insert...