1. D

    1994 GTS electrical- help please!

    Hello Seadoo community. I've been struggling with my 1994 GTS. I replaced my starter solenoid and stop button, and now I am having the following issue: -only way to start is to have lanyard in, press green start button, and then the "stop" button. Then I release the starter once it starts...
  2. D

    Almost fixed- 1994 GTS No Start- Bad stop button?

    HI Everyone, Looking for some help. My 1994 GTS will not turn over. I have a good fully charged battery. When I hit the start button, nothing happens. Here is what is going on in the electrical box. My solenoid has the 4 terminals (Two Large and Two small). 3 of the 4 posts have 12V to...
  3. seadoo-gts

    taking on water

    2017 seadoo gts is taking on water again after replacing the pto cover. i've had the jetski out a total of 5-7 times and the new pto has failed its taking on water again. the one i ordered from partzilla came in a seadoo box and said its a factory part. the crank looked good when i swapped them...
  4. Texaski

    96’ GTS cutting out/losing power

    My neighbor has a 96 GTS that was running fine just a couple weeks ago, now it’s losing power within about a minute of riding. It’s reduced to about 1/4 the speed. Doesn’t really sound boggy and doesn’t die, will idle just fine and putt at slow speeds. I checked the battery and it read around...
  5. H

    2001 GTS issues after new engine

    I own a 2001 GTS that had blown an engine. I took it upon myself to by a new SBT engine and attempt a replace myself. After replacing the engine i was able to get it to fire right up with almost no issues. I let if run for a while and do a proper break in. While out of water i am able to apply...
  6. Y

    2000 GTS stalls

    Hello, I have 2000 GTS that has an odd stall problem. After taking it out it will run fine for about 3 minutes. Then it's begins to cough and then 5-10 seconds later stalls. After it stalls it can be restarted but runs only briefly 3-5 seconds before stalling again. Could the head gasket be...
  7. A

    Will this oil work in 95 gtx and 98 gts?

    Hi, West Marine is having a buy one get one free sale on oil. TC-W# Model # 17997545 | Mfg # 17997545 | UPC # 25282183630 Is this safe to use? Thanks Art
  8. T

    New Member saying Howdy

    Just wanted to say Hi. Just purchased a couple 1999 Seadoo GTS PWCs that are in pretty good shape except I cannot get one to run and the one that does run did not have a working fuel gauge. Thanks to this forum and Youtube I was able to fix the fuel gauge and I believe I have a good idea on...
  9. E

    Overheating 96 GTS

    I bought a 1997 GTS from a guy that seems to have neglected it. I have to do a few miscellaneous repairs to minor things. Finally took it out today and ran great, until about 5 minutes later I got a overheating alarm. Got to the dock and started checking lines. Both "pisser lines" had good flow...
  10. J

    1998 SeaDoo GTS Starting Issue

    Multiple issues. This is a 1998 SeaDoo GTS. First, I just replaced the mpem because it was blowing the 5 amp fuse. When I connect the lanyard, I hear two beeps, but get nothing when I hit it he start button. I ran a multimeter and can clearly see that the solenoid is not even activating (I took...
  11. Westside


    Hello from Seattle! I recently purchased a 2001 GTS from a family member. Have been using it occasionally the past two Summers, and now I have it 100% of the time. Of course, the years past it has run great and first time taking it out after getting the title I have a minor issue. The oil...
  12. J

    1996 Seadoo GTS performance parts

    OK I what some ideas about up grades for my PWC, I have a 1996 Seadoo GTS and nothing has been done to it with exception of the CDI box. I want to get a little more out of it and I was thinking of a new intake grate but need up with the best one for this PWC? Any help is appreciated!
  13. fastboyslim50

    1995 Seadoo GTX 1997 Seadoo GTS carburator rebuilds beleive what they say...!!!

    1995 Seadoo GTX 1997 Seadoo GTS carburator rebuilds Dont beleive wht they say...!!! If you buy a ski don't take anything to heart from previous owner he told me he had just rebuilt carbs year before so I spent last two years owning this ski replacing all lines and fixing problems while...
  14. L

    1992 Seadoo GTS replace steering cable question

    Here's the question - I see steering cables for sale on Ebay for my 1992 Seadoo GTS. Looks fairly straight forward. Here is the question: What broke was just the last inch or so at the back of the cable - the threaded part that attaches to the water diverter for steering. It left only...
  15. G

    1996 seadoo gts wont get going fast

    hello i have a 1996 seadoo gts and when you go slow then give it full throttle it doesn't get going that quickely it will go to mid speed not even on a plane then it will slowlee go faster and faster until it gets to full throttle then when you turn at the same speed the engine slows down and...
  16. G

    1996 seadoo gts not running at high rpm

    i have a 1996 seadoo gts we took it out to the lake and then after about the first 10 min of running it at top speed the rpms started to drop to only mid speed we slowly went back to the dock at mid speed because that's all it would go when i gave it more throttle it would sound like it tried to...
  17. T

    Advice for my GTS, Please!!

    So I've been restoring my '95 GTS. I'm trying to get it back to showroom new. today, for the first time in four years, fired her up. Started instantly without hesitation, no choke or anything. I don't really know what else i should look for. Taking it to the lake this weekend so i guess I'll...
  18. R

    1995 GTS impeller issues!

    So I was just going through my ski getting it ready for the season when i noticed my wear ring and impeller are in desperate need of replacing. Honestly, I don't think they have ever been changed. Does anybody have a any suggestions as to which ones i should get and where? Ill be doing a lot of...
  19. R

    Noob- 1995 Seadoo GTS Help!!!!

    ok, so i lied. I am not technically a noob. I've been riding seadoos my whole life. However, this is the first time i am actually doing the work and the maintenance myself. So here is the low down! I just bought a 1995 GTS it hasnt been used in at least 2 1/2 years. Obviously it needs some...
  20. M

    1996 GTS - Strange Intermittent Engine Issues (I'm going insane.)

    Hey guys, sorta new here. I've been browsing without an account for a while now, and I'm finally giving in to asking for some help. Prepare for a short saga. 10 (?) years ago, a relative was purchasing new SeaDoos, and didn't want anything to do with his old 96 GTS. Since he tends to have a...