1. pantaloonz

    What to do with used cranks

    WOOPS: Could a Moderator please move this to the General 2stroke forum.. my bad. Good day fellow waternauts! cutting right to the chase, I've got two 951 DI cranks, one with the PTO coupler on, one without. These are not in bad shape at all. The rods are straights and overall condition is...
  2. Mastapoole

    2005 Sportster 215 wont crank

    So I have a 2005 sportster that sat for years. I finally got it to my new home and so far ive put new fuel new battery and a new neutral switch. When I put the key on the post i get two beeps followed by a short pause then 4 quick beeps which I read online was the boat not knowing it was in...
  3. N

    1996 Seadoo GTX Bombardier Won’t Start

    Hi everyone, I have been reading forums here for weeks now trying to figure out this 1996 Seadoo but I’m a little lost where to go from here. It was given to me, it sat for several years outside not used & exposed to the elements but the inside is pretty clean - no mouse nests, water sitting...
  4. RogerS

    Crankcase seal bad

    Memorial at the lake boat slow down and running rough with white smoke with bad odor Fouling plugs in only 2 minutes of replacement,,, did it twice! I’m guessing is causing by a bad crankcase seal or inner crank seal leaking oil into cylinders. Any recommendation? Can I pull engine out and do it...
  5. RogerS

    Crank issue

    Everytime I press the start button it will cranking for few seconds than stops, even I continuos pressing the button. I try again and will do the same thing until engine starts... any idea what could be?
  6. K

    1997 GTX Cranks But No Start

    I have a 1997 Seadoo GTX with maybe 80 Hours on it. When i first got it, it ran beautifully for half a summer and then one day it just cut off. I have since changed all fluids such as oil, new gas, new spark plugs, new lanyard, new battery. The engine cranks, but never turns over. The Dashboard...
  7. Brholwer

    96 xp wont start, clicking at solenoid but won't crank even crossing terminals

    Hey all, i rode my xp hard weekend of the fourth and got too much water on it and it wouldnt start, but then it would turn over, now it wont even turn over. I got a new solenoid and tried it but still nothing, i hit the start button and just a click from the solenoid. I tried crossing the...
  8. 9

    thanks for input and reading, new member

    hello fellow seadoo enthusiasts just introing my self, i love to come to forums for all the great input everyone has, on and about various topics and issues that people have, makes me learn. what i have is a 93 spx580 i bought as a first ski for the kids to tool around on, i bought it for 300...
  9. kilgorekb

    Hard to crank; dies while at idle

    Just got a 1999 Challenger 1800 last week. Took it out for the 1st time today. Port engine takes about 10-15 tries to crank even if already warmed up, and it died twice while moving at idle through the no-wake zone. Anyone know what's up? I'm not sure what "normal" is since this is my...
  10. C

    2005 Seadoo GTI LE RFI does not crank

    I have a 2005 GTI LE RFI that never failed to start until July 4th when I had friends came over to ride the jetski. It was embarassing. All I could get was a click sound when I hit the start button. Battery is fully charged. I short the starter relay with the screw driver but no cigar, just...
  11. T

    657x Won't Turn Over

    So I have a 95 Sea-doo Speedster. Currently one engine is in pieces and doesn't work because of a bad crank. The other engine just will not turn over. I had the starter rebuilt and when I directly connect a battery to the starter it will not turn completely over. It will just sit there and turn...
  12. Nemrod811

    looking for someone local who can possibly help me with my 787

    well heres my story i have a 96 gsx that i had the crank replaced in with a used one cuz i let it sit with the nose down on the trailer for few years.i had a guy replace the crank last year with one he said was good out of a ski he i didnt get to ride the ski after i got it back cuz my...
  13. B

    2005 RXP Error Code P-0339

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum so firstly thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply to my post. I have a seadoo RXP (2005). Over the last eyar or so I have had a host of problems with it. Having replaced the temp. sensor, the battery, the starter solenoid, the head gasket cover.....I...
  14. E

    1997 GSX will not start

    I have a 1997 GSX that will not start, it beeps twice when I put the key on but when I press the start stop button nothing. I checked all the fuses and they are good, I also tested the switch before it goes into the MPEM and that seems to be fine too. The starter cranks when I short the solenoid...
  15. W

    1996 Sea-Doo GTX won't crank

    Hi everyone, So I accidentally reversed the polarity from my battery in the dark. Now the engine won't crank. I found one blown fuse and replaced it. Please don't tell me I destroyed my ECU? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Dan
  16. B

    Hand Cranking?

    So I'm checking my 1993 GTX and at this point I'm almost certain that the starter is bad. But I want to make sure that the engine isn't seized. I'm NOT experienced with PWC, but I found where the engine can be cranked by hand (directly behind the motor under the plastic cover, right?). My...
  17. B

    2002 GTX RFI Crank Position Sensor

    I'm new to this forum because I'm new to PWC's. Just bought two at a 'could not believe' price, because I guess the engine needed to be replaced. The previous owner had run across a sandbar, tried to gun it off. It would not start after that. He even tried to flush out the sand, but the...