check engine

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    instrument cluster light

    Hi, does anyone know what light bulb is for the check engine on a 2010 230 wake, the entire gauge part no. is 204471201
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    Seadoo rxt rev limit issue

    I have an 07 seadoo rxt. The starter solenoid was junk so I replaced that and the fuses because it wouldn’t start. Finally got it running and now I have a check engine light and it won’t go above 6k RPM (35 mph) does not overheat or anything but I did notice a clicking kind with the key out when...
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    GTX 4TEC will not Crank Over/Start

    Hello everyone, I need some help. I was using my 2004 Sea doo GTX 4TEC all weekend with out any issues. On the way home it started to hesitate and then the check engine light came on the LCD screen and the red warning light. It died and will not crank over. I returned it to the dock, there...
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    Forgot to plug drain plug....

    So I just bought a 2017 Seadoo Spark 3up, Pulled up to the lake and during the inspection the guy told me I need to have my drain plug unplugged up until right before I dropped the Spark in the water. I unplugged it and of course forgot to plug it back in before running it in the water. I ran...
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    Something is running after the power to the engine is turned off

    After running my 2003 Seadoo 4 tec for approximately 20 minutes there was a long single beep and the check engine light came on. I then put the Ski back on the lift, flushed the engine with fresh water and then shut the engine off by removing the key. However, something would come on every few...
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    2012 GTI 130 Flipped. Will not start, Check engine no codes

    Two weeks ago we were riding and got the tow line caught in the engine. We flipped it in the water and got the line untangled. Although during this process the engine compartment filled about 45-50% with water. We towed it back to the loading dock and drained it, checked the oil to make sure no...
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    Buzzer and check engine but does not enter limp mode, restarts clean

    I got this ski Labor Day last year and used it for about 1 hour twice, second time was after supercharger rebuild. This weekend was its first outing this year. After an hour and a half or so of riding the alarm went off and displayed check engine. This happened in a turn and did not seem to...
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    Long beep and Check Engine

    I have been searching but cant find anything so hopefully someone can help. I have an 04 sportster 4-tec non supercharged. Took it out for the first time this season and it runs fine. However after ive been driving for awhile it will randomly give me a loud continuous beep and the check engine...
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    Almost Sunk On 1st Ride: Open to Possible Solutions/Suggestions???

    Yesterday I took out my recently purchased 05 rxp (93 hrs/ riva: intake grate, free flow exhaust, air intake, metal washers @ 91 hrs) . After clearing the booeys not even a quarter mile out after hitting the throttle hard my sensor came on for engine temperature at 86 degrees which isn't hot @...
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    Trouble shooting 04 rxp check engine light with no codes

    Hi I took my 04 rxp out yesterday rode it for about 5-10 mins then check engine came on and then went into limp mode. Tried to Check the engine codes nothing came up just end. I think it could be oil pressure switch??
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    2005 GTX 4-Tec Troubles

    Runs fine when i put it in the water but after about and hour at speed i get a check engine readout and the power cuts and i can only do 20mph max. I've heard that this might be due to a faulty O2 sensor. Is it that or somthing else?
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    Check Engine Light

    Hey I just bought a used 2004 Sea Doo RXP supercharged and I went to take it on the lake today and everything was fine till I got on it full throttle and then the check engine light came on. So I turned it off and turned it back on and the light was off and everything was fine. So I started to...