1. C

    2001 rx rpms

    Just took out my 2001 sea doo rx today for a ride after installing a new wear ring and changing the jet pump oil and o rings I had also changed out the stock fuel filter to a quantum fuel systems performance filter and I noticed today on the water I was hitting about 60-61 which was much better...
  2. burtshaver2021

    1995 HX Project

    Hello everyone, spring has came early here in Ontario so my attention has turned back to my seadoo’s. I have a 1995 HX that I purchased in 2021 on a double galvanized trailer, a non running 1992 XP and a parts 92 XP were included for 1800.00 total. I’ve been looking forward to getting it running...
  3. J

    1995 spx carb settings

    recently picked up a 95 spx locally that had sat for several years. Compression checked out, replaced battery, replaced gray fuel lines, and rebuilt the dual carb with genuine mikuni parts. ski starts pretty easily now and runs mostly well (besides a bad wear ring, waiting for new one to show...
  4. S

    96 GTI 717 Tuning

    Just finished a top end rebuild of my 717 and replaced rotary valve and cover. I also completely rebuilt the fuel and oil system, including replacing grey fuel lines with mpi grade fuel injection (black lines), all filters inline, rebuilt carbs with osd return to oem kit, and rebuilt the fuel...
  5. S

    Carbs not feeding same amount of fuel

    I recently rebuilt both of my carbs for a 96 GTI with the OSDMarine kit that specifies no need to set popoff pressure (return to OEM kit i believe). At the time I rebuilt my carbs I thoroughly went through and cleaned everything. Yesterday, I started the engine fine by pouring a splash of gas...
  6. Gdgough12

    Recharge jet. 1997 xp carb.

    What’s a good substitute for this part. I lost my recharge jet and they don’t sell them anymore. What’s a good substitute for it. Thanks!?!? I DONT WANT TO REJET THE CARB. I just need this one part. The card has already been rebuilt.
  7. N

    Lots of exhaust coming out of carbs causing no run 96 gti

    Hi all, I have a 1996 seadoo gti with 717 engine, and my problem is that there is a lot of smoke coming out of the carburetors when I try to start the engine. I did some googling but only found one other person with a problem similar. I have no idea what would cause this problem, I have never...
  8. S

    1995/96 GTX Re-replacement of Gas Lines following Bad Carb rebuild?

    With the help of this forum, I rebuilt the carbs (all OSD parts) on my 1994 & 1995 GTXs 2 yrs ago, and swapped all the gas lines out at that time; however, in a haste to get on the lake before the summer was over, I didn't swap out the fuel selectors (me = idiot). They both screamed down the...
  9. G

    Carb adjustments

    Still working on my neighbor's 97 Challenger (sgl 787). Having in after all my work, it is still doing the exact same thing it did before. Questions at end, background first. Original symptoms: slow acceleration to top speed, but was able to plane up to about 40mph eventually...
  10. R

    2000 GTX Fuel Pump

    I have a dumb question. Does my 2000 Millennium GTX (not DI) have an electric fuel pump in the tank. If so can the pump alone be replaced. I know it has the fuel pump sending unit in the tank, but is there a replaceable pump in there? Or do I need to replace the whole unit on this one. It...
  11. PolloCalores

    96 XP Bogging Down

    Had my 96 XP on the lake today and about 5-10 mins after putting in, the engine suddenly bogged down and would only move roughly 5mph. I played with the throttle a bit and about 10-20 seconds later it was up and running again like nothing happened. About 5 minutes later the same issue occurred...
  12. Mitchapalooza

    What am I doing wrong??

    Hi Folks, I've been lurking on the forums for a while now and I have to say the posts/advice that I've looked at so far has proven extremely helpful in getting me this far - so thank you all very much! Also, thank you in advance for any responses to this thread. Your advice and opinions are...
  13. A

    Seadoo 1996 GSX Flooding fuel

    Hi guys, This post rolls on from my last thread where I couldn't get my GSX running. Now its had; a new ignition coil, 2 x carb repair kits plus 2 x new needle valves and seats & a solenoid. Its finally running. But when I try and start it, it will cough and splutter and not start...
  14. J

    New to me 1997 spx 787 starting issues

    I'm having 2 different starting issues that could be related. First issue is the ski won't start in the water. If I start on the trailer and keep it running I can ride it nonstop as long as I don't shut it off. But no matter what I do it will not start when in the water. Second starting...
  15. 2

    717 GTI 97 stalls out at idle. Carb?

    My 97 GTI started stalling out when at idle. Is this a carb issue? Not sure when the carbs have last been touched as I am a new owner of the ski. Thanks!
  16. 2

    Seadoo 717 Carb rebuild resources

    Do any of you have any good resources for how to rebuild a 97 717 Gti carb? From removal from craft to rebuild to reinstall? Also what to purchase for rebuild. Much appreciated!!
  17. Chris7766

    2000 gtx mid RPM Bogging

    Here is the background info 2000 gtx with 951 carb motor. ski has 120 hours on it with an sbt motor that has approximately 50 hours on it. I bought it with burnt pistons clearly from a lean condition. replaced the top end with 1.00mm over pistons and sleeves. rebuilt the carbs which were really...
  18. I

    Help needed! Mystery Carb

    I picked up a cheap 1990 Sea Doo SP 580 last week, and after a bit of tuning and bew plugs she was running pretty good. Even pulled a tube! I got home that night and pulled the 'sending unit' (hoses) off the top of the tank to get a better look at how much gas we used to get an idea of what to...
  19. M

    98 GSX LTD - Fuel Line and carb diagram???

    Hey there forum members! I have searched high and low and cannot find what I am looking for. I have the service manual, but it is a bit unclear as to what I am needing. I have a red with purple 1998 GSX Limited with the 951cc motor. All stock, no mods. Here is the deal... Bought this ski, the...
  20. G

    5,000 RPM Maximum on 1996 GTX

    After running decent for the last few years I once again have an issue with not being able to run anything over 5,000 rpm. The forum has been a great resource in the past & wondered if you might come to my rescue again. Sequence of events & symptoms below. I cleaned (but did not rebuild)...