carb rebuild

  1. TeagueBag

    95 xp 717 only starts if you hold wide open throttle but runs fine. As soon as you shut it off it will not start back up

    Hello all, I have a 95 xp 717 that I picked up. Took it out to see how it was running. It wouldn’t go past 9-12 mph. So I rebuilt the carbs using all OEM Mikuni kits from OSD. Pop off tested both carbs tested good, set the low and high jets to factory spec. Took it back to the lake and it ran...
  2. jharding08

    Reinstalling Rebuilt Carb

    So thank you to Mikidymac for his carb rebuild thread, I have never rebuilt anything mechanical and I was able to take my carb for my 1996 GTS apart and rebuild it with an OSD back to OEM kit, pop off test and everything. Great Read and educational. My GTS just has the single Mikuni BN38, but...
  3. R

    2002 RX Very Hard to Start at Beginning of Season

    Hey everyone, I have two identical 2002 Seadoo RX carbed skis and the past two seasons have had just the hardest time getting one of them started the first day of the year. This year it took around three hours of choking, cranking, engine kicks over, then dies, charge the battery, repeat. I...
  4. C

    Carb rebuild

    I’m hoping somebody could steer me in the right direction, I’m looking for a reputable shop that rebuilds Mikuni Dual carbs for a 96 Spx and a 97 GTX I’m looking to get a rebuild done with genuine OEM parts and have them check all the fine details as far as pop off pressure, etc and some what...
  5. B

    HX Carb rebuild done. Now having a problem with gas flowing when I close the butterflys

    So...I have two new (old) skis...a 1996 HX and a 1998 XP Limited. I have rebuilt the carbs in both. I *thought* the 1996 HX (tock 717 motor) was good. I ran 3 gallons of gas through it on the first ride and it ran great. Today was the second ride. The first 20-30 minutes the ski ran great again...
  6. To2d

    Speedster SK “Not Right”

    Seadoo Pros and PWC detectives... I need your help!!! Back story: A few weeks ago we took our 99 speedster SK to the lake and it was running GREAT until it ran low on gas from taking the kids tubing all day. I took my buddy's gas cans to the local lakes gas station and filled them up. boat ran...
  7. riverfox

    89 sp carb help please!

    I have a 89 sp that has been sitting around for a while. Ran great when last put away. I don't know much about it. My list of things to do are fuel filter/oil filter, fuel pump, carb rebuild, new gas/oil lines, flush gas tank,spark plugs. Is there anything else I'm missing that should be done...
  8. TrevorM

    Help: 2001 Seadoo GTX

    Hey Seadoo-forums! I have read some very helpful stuff on this website and have finally decided to join the community! So first I want to thank everyone who contributes to these forums! Let's get started: I recently purchase a 2001 Seadoo GTX (951 carbureted). The seadoo currently runs pretty...
  9. dmob73

    Fuel line replacement and carb rebuild 1998 gsx ltd.

    Thought I had better start a new thread rather than clog up the meet and greet. A couple of minor issues with it which led me to this forum and has already given me some good pointers as to what to look at. She bogs down at around 40MPH, anything below that is fine and the acceleration is...
  10. jimlansing

    Looking for a 95 GTS carb rebuild somewhere around San Antonio

    Looking for a 97 GTS carb rebuild somewhere around San Antonio Have a 1997 GTS that I need to get the carb rebuilt on. Bogs down above 1/4 throttle. Anyone have recommendations? Had Dr. Honda do some a few years ago on my Speedster but I don't think he is doing them anymore. Thanks in...
  11. powerslave

    717 NO fuel from PTO carb and other issue...

    Did a top end on my 95 xp. Two strange things. PTO carb will not deliver fuel. Mag carb will. Also, when trying to get pto carb to deliver, engine locks up. Pull plugs, turns over fine, then may lock up again.??? Also did mild rebuild on both carbs. Basically everything expect for needle
  12. Big Fish

    1996 GTX- Do you rebuild both cylinders? Poor compression in PTO cylinder

    I have a 1996 GTX that is hard to start, doesnt idle very well and gets a top speed of 42MPH but it does run. I have never replaced the old TEMPO lines nor rebuilt to carbs so I have the rebuild kits, needles and seats and all the fuel line. I plan on doing the carb rebuild and replacement of...
  13. S

    1st time carb cleaning - on 787

    I am about to embark on my 1st carb cleaning due to a possible clogged low speed passage. I have read many post on here and have experience cleaning small engine carbs (weedeaters up to 4-wheelers). The only problem is in the past I have completely torn down carbs and rebuilt them. From what I...
  14. M

    951 carb kit

    Does it matter which carb rebuild kit I buy? Do I need genuine Mikuni kits?
  15. C

    96 sea doo gtx won't start after carb rebuild

    So I recently purchased a 1996 sea doo gtx 2 stroke a couple weeks ago. I took it out on the water and ran okay. second time I took it out i started having some problems. problems starting, dying, bogging out, alternating rpms. I was advised my carbs needed a rebuild so I took it upon myself to...
  16. H

    After carb rebuild runaway throttle

    Hi all, First off this site is the best. Here is some history. I have an issue with a 1996 GTI. Last year I found the engine compartment full of water (son did not put seat on right) it had been sitting on the trailer for some time. I purged all the water, cleaned everything. Pulled...
  17. J

    1998 GTX Ltd Engine flutter sound & only 35-37 mph WOT

    My first jet ski - Just bought a used GTX Ltd. 74 hrs total, 1-owner. Starts well. When sitting at idle you can hear an engine tick or flutter kind of sound. When running wide open, only get 35-37 mph. 1st time out this year. Any ideas on flutter sound? Looks like fuel lines are gray...
  18. M

    1997 GTI- Exhaust Water Leak Causing Performance Problems?

    I have a 1997 GTI that has leaking water out of one of the exhaust pipe plugs and depositing water in the hull. I will be fixing it with JB Weld over the weekend. My question is "would an exhaust water leak cause performance problems"? Background: This spring, I rebuilt the carbs...