1. t2ylorgang

    GSX limited oil and fuel lines

    Hello everyone, I recently got a 99 GSX Limited 951. I need to replace all my oil lines (green sludge). What sizes do I need to do all of them? I was planning on just tracing them for the length but as far as diameter does anyone know what sizes I am going to need? To my understanding I would...
  2. Riderrollin

    98 gtx limited issue

    I have a 1998 seadoo gtx that will start and dies immediately if all fuel lines are hooked up as if ready to head out on the water. But womt stay running. But if it is gravity feed from an auxiliary tank it will start and run wide open. When I bought it rge engine was in pieces and missing...
  3. S

    2001 Seadoo Sportster LE - 951cc - Should I buy?

    Found a pretty clean 2001 Seadoo Sportster LE with a single 951cc engine nearby. Seller has mentioned it needs work on the top end. From what I've read about 951cc's here that almost assuredly means the bottom end will need some work. Seller has title for both sportster and trailer. Bench seats...
  4. C

    RESTO Dual Resto: 1992 SPi and 2001 GTX DI Restoration

    Hello, everyone! So, after many days of searching the forum, reading on restorations, and wondering how to go about my two “problems”, I joined the forum. The reason for joining and searching is that I recently acquired two semi-neglected Sea Doos for free. One is a 1992 SPi 580 white engine...
  5. T

    951 build in 95 SPX x4 hull

    Hello everyone, I have been wanting to dive into a x4 951 build but can not get myself to tear up my 96 xp since it runs like a top. I can get a 95 SPX for $350 and a 98 gtx limited for $800. This seems like a really good starting point to dive into the project because I will be able to sell a...
  6. A

    951 fouling plugs and poor response but has top end?

    Hey guys, I have a GSXL that's been causing me some trouble all summer. I've gone through quite a few troubleshooting steps so far and there hasn't been much of an improvement yet. So the issues I'm having are poor throttle response off idle and the thing fouls plugs in about 15-20 minutes...
  7. bohnsorge

    98 GTX Limited 951 another idle problem.

    Hi Guys, first of all I would like to say hello to everyone and thank you for any kind of help (and sorry for my bad English). Moving on, I have a Sea-Doo GTX Limited 951 (on carburetors) `98 and I have a engine idle problem (I looked at threads in this forum, but did't find a match for my...
  8. Toojay7

    951 / 947 oil leak

    My 99 xp limited is leaking oil. It doesn’t look to be coming from the oil tank as I see no drip residue. Please see the attached photos. Any idea where it’s leaking from? Thank you in advance for the advice.
  9. Toojay7

    99 XPL overheating

    Had not seen water in 10 years. Never in salt supposedly. I changed the grey fuel lines and brought it out on the water. Idled it for about 5 minutes and then the overheat warning buzzer went on. Immediately stopped it, brought it back home and inspected the coolant lines. The only issue I found...
  10. X

    FOR SALE Wanted 947/951 DI Engine

    Good Morning, we purchased a Ski this year without an engine as a project. Does anyone have a 947/951 DI Engine for sale, or can recommend a place where one can be purchased? We are located in the UK. Has anyone used MINOTEK engines from Indonesia before? TIA
  11. M

    GSX Limited (951 - 1997.5) Engine Problems

    See videos here. I was out in the water today pushing ~3/4 throttle when the ski bogged down and died. It refused to start again, and the clock reset when I managed to get it restarted after multiple MPEM reseats. Starter would not go, but began to barely kick at first, then came back to full...
  12. B

    2003 seadoo rxdi running rough at idle and goes into limp mode

    I have a 2003 seadoo rxdi I have rebuilt top end and replaced many other parts finally got it going yesterday but even after it warms up it idles terrible and will even stall from time to time after like 2k rpm runs like a top then I went back to the dock to see what’s going on and took the...
  13. B

    2003 rxdi fuel return problem

    Have a 2003 rxdi ski was doing dumb stuff so checked the fuel pressure and with just putting the key on the post the pressure is well over 100psi probably around 150psi but not sure the gauge only reads to 100psi but was told that with just the key it should only be at 27psi so I took the return...
  14. B

    2003 rxdi fuel pressure regulator

    2003 seadoo 951 rxdi having trouble with fuel. Had another problem with venting the motor and breaking reeds got that fixed cleaned the fuel rail while I had it off just got it all back together and seen that the fuel pressure regulator is what I think they call it it’s spraying fuel out of the...
  15. B

    2003 seadoo rxdi running roughy somtimes

    Bought this ski a few months ago bored it over from being blown up now the ski will Fire right up out of the water and hit 5700rpm them I put it in the water and wouldn’t go over 3400rpm spiting and spuddering then all the sudden it took off ran like a champ took it to the lake and as soon as I...
  16. N

    2003 rxdi died on water won’t start

    Hey guys I’m hoping y’all can help me out with this issue I got myself into. picked up an 03 rxdi for what seemed like a decent deal. Story from the seller was that It started taking on water only when running and ran rough in the mid range. It ran great on the trailer when I picked it up...
  17. J

    Seadoo xp 951 oil injection

    I replaced all the 3/32 oil lines on my xp and drained the tank. When I was draining the tank I relized that the 90degree fitting on the bottom of the tank wasent letting oil thru I assumed that there might be a little valve or somthing that stops it from going thru till the oil pump is going...
  18. R

    2000 GTX Fuel Pump

    I have a dumb question. Does my 2000 Millennium GTX (not DI) have an electric fuel pump in the tank. If so can the pump alone be replaced. I know it has the fuel pump sending unit in the tank, but is there a replaceable pump in there? Or do I need to replace the whole unit on this one. It...
  19. CreekerMike

    951 Smoke from pisser

    Greeting and salutations everyone. Ive ran into some more trouble with my Gtx Ltd' the ski has performed immaculate for about 30 hard hours but now im running into some trouble. The other day I went to a raft up on a sand bar. I cut the ski off when i got into shallow water and dragged it up on...
  20. S

    1998 GTX 951 Sputter Under Throttle

    Hi all, I'm using this as a sort of 'last ditch effort' before I sell this thing for a loss. I've got a '98 GTX Limited with the 951 in it. Brand new motor last year. Ran great last year...until my cousin rolled it and filled it. Got it cleared of water and running while still at the river that...