1. J

    2013 GTI 130 4tec stuck in limp

    Hey all! I have a 2013 gti and it’s been running great the last couple weeks. Yesterday i was running it quite hard, WOT most of the time jumping waves and stuff. About an hour into the ride it stopping going over idle speed. My gauges are shot (have a new one just need to install and get it...
  2. Chuck94

    2006 sportster 215hp supercharged infos needed

    Hi everybody, last year i bought my first boat ever and as the title says, it is a sportster 215hp I had already a fair share of troubles and issues but nothing major compare to what happened this weekend (i think) I went out for a good run during the day and on my way back, as i was going full...
  3. L

    2002 GTX 4 TEC won't reach max speed and RPMs

    Hello, I recently bought a 2002 Sea Doo GTX 4 Tec and the instrument cluster is dead and I'm sending it in for repair. The issue, however, is that the ski won't reach max speed, it will only go 40mph and it should go 55-60mph. The tach isn't in and working but it sounds like speed is matching...
  4. RahulK101

    2009 Speedster 200 - Engine Turns Over but No Electrical Accessories Work????? PLEASE HELP!

    Hello, Boat is a 2009 Seadoo Speedster 200 with the twin 4TEC supercharged engines. Has 190 hours on it. We had it on the water the other day and the RPMs were very high (around 8000) while the boat was doing between 10-15 km/h. I checked the engine bay and noticed lots of water as the...
  5. H

    2011 gti 155 limited. Sputtering loss of power!FIXED!!

    Hi there first time poster. I just bought a 2011 GTI 155 limited with 72 hours. I didn’t do a water test but the seller started it up and let it run for a few minutes while on the water hose. It sounded great! Smooth idle…reved good. Seemed good! It was stored under a shed. He said he hadn’t...
  6. vpinzon

    Seadoo Wont Start

    Okay so I've kind of lost right now, I've had some cascading issues with my engine and now its not starting. A little background, engine was rebuilt and only been tested a few times which it ran just fine. This is a 2010 Seadoo RXT 215 Now for the cascading issue: Took ski out for a test but...
  7. B

    Need Help: Smoke Coming from Seadoo

    I have a 2003 Seadoo Bombadier 4tec 1500. It starts up and seems to run fine with the hose hooked up to it, but it is smoking from the back a good amount, and seems to leave oil on the ground. Any ideas what’s going on with it?
  8. robkat

    2004 GTX 4Tec General Questions

    Okay folks, here is where I need some guidance as a NEW PWC owner. Other than watching Youtube videos, I am trying to learn these ski's the best I can to ensure proper use, cleaning, red-flags, etc. So here is what I have questions about, please feel free to chime in on ANY of the questions I...
  9. WaTeRMaNiaC407

    Connector to what sensor?

    I have a 2012 Seadoo Speedster 150 HO. Here is a pic of a connector and I am trying to determine what sensor that it goes to. It is above the Deutsch connector for charging near the throttle body. The reason that I am trying to identify it is because I recently found the wire connected...
  10. R

    2010 Challenger 210 coolant in engine oil

    I keep finding water/coolant in the engine oil of one motor. Mechanic pressure tested the radiator, intercooler, manifold and oil cooler and all was good. He suspected that the motor ingested coolant from the water/oil pump as there is a gasket in there that keeps the oil separated from the...
  11. Sydney118

    Carbon seal to tight?

    I have a 2013 gtr 215 that just got the carbon seal replaced it seems to be pressed to hard against the driveshaft support ring, on first fire up carbon ring I believe started smoking and was extremely hot. How would I adjust tension on ring (the driveshaft support collar is boiling hot when...
  12. Mamba56

    Need help/advice

    Hello! Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and help if you have any advice. I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX 4TEC. It runs and handles great except for the steering is a little stiff due to the steering line being frayed inside of the cabling, I've been told. Any advice on that would...
  13. N

    Sea doo 4tec dumping fuel?

    Hello, my seadoo 2008 gtx 4tec kept hydrolocking, took the plugs out and fuel is just being dumped by the injectors into the cylinders. What do you guys think this may be any help would be appreciated thanks.
  14. F

    GTX 4TEC will not Crank Over/Start

    Hello everyone, I need some help. I was using my 2004 Sea doo GTX 4TEC all weekend with out any issues. On the way home it started to hesitate and then the check engine light came on the LCD screen and the red warning light. It died and will not crank over. I returned it to the dock, there...
  15. C

    03 GTX 4 tec positive battery cables

    I have recently purchased my 1st seadoo. It runs great and I am very please with it. However, it has sat tied to the dock for a month without being rode. We had family over for the labor day weekend and the battery has enough charge to turn on the gauges and beep but not enough to crank. I...
  16. Vicbies

    P1202 Error message

    After riding for a few minutes the red led on my 2003 seadoo 4 tec starts flashing and i get the p1202 code. I tested the resistance of the tops valve and its showing 2 ohms which should be good.Also the tops solenoid makes a click sound and i assume its working well. After a few mins i get the...
  17. B

    ENGINE QUESTION.. 2006 SCIC 4tec

    Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated .. Took boat out bout 20 times with no issues.. Last time out, on my way back in engine started smoking(white smoke).. Pulled cord.. Ever since it won't start up again.. It cranks and will start up for literally a second or 2 but that's it...
  18. 230wake

    215hp 4tec rpm surge

    I've got a 2008 430hp challenger wake edition. Had some trouble getting it fired up last summer after winter storage, but once started it idled fine. Put it in the lake and whe. Slowing accelerating the starboard engine rpms surge across the entire band, anything above surge is more significant...
  19. L

    2005 Speedster 200 4tec SC 185 won't start, check engine light help

    Hi guys- Need some advice. I was running the boat today and heard a long beep while driving but didn't notice any problems. Ran for a bit longer and then shut it down and anchored for a bit. When I when to start up, I connected the DESS, got two beeps. One engine started fine and the other I...
  20. L

    Rebuilt engine RXPX 255 (2008)

    Hello, i have a seadoo rxpx with 164 hours on it. The crankshaft was bad, and also changed piston rings, did a quick hone of cylinder walls, changed all of the half moon bearings, timing chain++ pretty much all of the neceassery things that is good to change, but now for the rebuilt i have some...