1. J

    Mercury 240 M2 EFI starts and stalls immediately after 2 secs

    Hi everyone , I am new to this forum and i hope everyone will be patient with me. It's about a Bombardier Islandia with Mercury 240 M2 EFI engine which has been rebuilt because of a piston failure. Since we have put it back on the boat it does not run more than 2 seconds after it's started...
  2. AnviL Man

    New owner 2003 Speedster

    Hey all, just bought a 2003 Speedster 240 Bombardier. I didn't get a manual with it so there's a couple of things I wanted to know about the boat. The fuel gauge doesn't work and neither does the speedometer. The guy told me he replaced the wire to the speedometer but they gave him a 3 wire...
  3. atlboo

    2002 Challenger M2 Jetdrive 240 EFI - changing Fuel Oil seperator filter every 1/2 hr

    Aloha Ya'll, First post. Living in Hawaii but originally from Atlanta. Grew up around boats and am very handy with tools, motorcycles, and handiwork. I don't let the fact I am an Engineer get in the way of fixing things. Picked up a 2002 Challenger X20 M2 Jetdrive 240 EFI about 2 months...
  4. M

    Help! Boat will not start in water, but will start on trailer with flusher attached

    I have a merc sport jet 240 in my 2000 seadoo speedster, the boat is new to me so i am not sure what to do, it starts fine out of water but not in water. i noticed that both exhaust ports are fully submerged, i don't know if that is normal for this boat. Yesterday i pulled all the plugs out and...
  5. gioakjoe

    Broken Belt

    I have a 2003 utopia with a merc 240 efi and I broke the belt, funny thing was my mercmonitor flaged me a low oil presure falt and thats what led me to check the motor to see that the belt broke. what all motor wise is used by the altanator or does it have a magneto to power the spark plugs and...
  6. M

    can a 250 efi bolt on a 240efi

    I have a 2000 islandia with a blown 240 efi mercury, I want to know if a 250 efi will bolt on the jet pump the same as a 240, the 250 is alot cheaper than the 240
  7. A

    2000 240 Islandia Dies in Mid Throttle.

    This is my first season with the boat. I but it in the water. Idles great. Throttle to 2500 is stable and smooth. Above this it dies like no fuel. Starts right back up at idle. If you power quickly thru the idle to full the boat powers up to 5-6 K and on plane will hold smooth power for...
  8. L

    2000 Merc 240EFI TPS Adjustment

    Does anyone know what color leads I need to test between for the TPS adjustment? They are orange, blue and brown. I need to check my adjustment. Thanks Jason
  9. L

    240EFI stall/bog off idle after sitting

    Hi Guys- I am looking for some help with a stalling/bog problem I cant seem to solve on our 2000 Speedstee with the 240EFI. Basically it goes like this. We launch the boat and get underway just fine with no issues. We drive the boat to a anchor spot and shut it down for a while. After...
  10. S

    Hello Fellow DOOers!

    New to this forum, but not new to SeaDoo Sport Boats. I own (and love) a 2000 Speedster with the 240/M2. I've had it about 5 years, and so far it has been a GREAT boat with few problems. BUT, it is getting older and requires more TLC than a newer one. What's wrong with it? Speedo...
  11. J

    I need a 240 efi motor

    Blew my motor in my 2000 speedster. It is a Merc 240 efi m2. Rod came through the block. Anybody have a used one or reasonably priced new?
  12. L

    240 Merc M2 Top Speeds

    So just curious- what kind of speeds are you getting out of this engine/pump? I have a just purchased 2000 Speedster and I seem to be about 50mph by iPhone GPS. No speedo yet, but I'm betting it will read higher. I thought these boats could hit 60?? Maybe time for a pump refresh?
  13. L

    2001 Speedster 240 Merc EFI Opinions

    Hi- We are looking to sell our 96 Challenger and upgrade to a '01 16' Speedster with the Mercruiser M2 in it. Can you guys please give me some honest opinions of the boat? Also what are the known trouble spots? I am thinking it would be a plus to have the Merc over the Rotax, but please...
  14. C

    2002 utopia 240EFI won't start

    I have a 02' utopia 205 with the 240hp that has sat out of use for quite a while. I have been attempting to bring it back to life over the past few days, and i have hit a stand-still. After draining the old fuel, changing the fuel filters, new battery etc. the motor will turn over but not run...