1. yourboylukey

    Seadoo gtx

    Hi All, I bought a 1993 Seadoo GTX as a little toy for the summer. I've had it out on the lake a handful of times, runs well and starts up fine. The steering is a little tighter than I expected. When I was cleaning it today I noticed these wires coming out the back by the propeller... Any...
  2. T

    93 seadoo bombardier

    So i purchased a 93 and met the guy at the lake and rode it for about 10 mins everything was good no problems. So next day im taking it too the lake and i stop to fill it up with mixed gas. I messed up and grabbed 4cyl motor oil and made 1 2gal mixed can and poured into it. I then realized what...
  3. Gordynk

    1993 GTX doesn't want to play....

    Hello, This is my first post in these forums! I have a 1993 GTX that has decided not to start this last weekend, which left us using the 94 GTX so not all was lost but still disappointing. I do not know these engines well enough to start pulling things off and troubleshooting...
  4. J

    93 XP 657X Engine noise after replacing pistons - now won't start

    Recently replaced the pistons and rings in a 657X engine from a 93 XP ski. Once the engine was put back together, we checked compression, and both sides were at 120-130psi. Took a while to start the first time, but it eventually started running. The second time we tried to start it, it made...
  5. mxrider9239

    1993 seadoo xp overheating?

    hey guys never really thought about it too much but today i was getting a little worried lol, i started my day by getting my ski ready started right up beautfully took it out and rode it for a solid 30mins. i shut it off for a little to take a break and about ten minutes later got on and tried...
  6. dustinsspace12

    Newbie bought a Seadoo, now could use some advice!!

    Hey fellow Seadoo owners. I have been wanting a PWC forever! But the Army doesnt pay enough for me to have too many toys and my Jeep takes most the money ;) -- Issue is this. I recently bought a 1993 GTS from a guy who gets them as trade ins fixes them up and sells them. The seadoo runs great...
  7. H

    should i buy this tigershark

    Hi, I am thinking about buying a 1993 arctic cat tigershark for $800 and was wondering is it even worth it, cause i've looked on other forums and all I've seen was no don't buy a tigershark their awful. so are they really that bad???
  8. katierage

    1995 Seadoo Bombardier XP - more than 1 rider "boggs down" feels stuck at 4 RPM?

    Having a problem with my 1995 Seadoo Bombardier XP. (well, actually, a lot of problems but this seems most important) Alright, the engine sounds fine but when more than one rider gets on (or 1 heavy rider gets on) there is a certain point at acceleration, seems to be around 4 or 5 RPM, where the...
  9. D

    1993 gtx starter

    I have a 1993 gtx that has been in the shop for almost 6 months now. The problem we are having is finding the rite size starter. i have ordered a starter for a 1993 gtx but it is to small and the ones that the shop has ordered are to small so i guess whoever had it before me did an engine swap...
  10. 1

    SeaDoo XP Carbs & Hoses

    I just traded for a 93 SeaDoo XP that supposedly has "bad" carbs due to deteriorated fuel lines? Is this usually just a carb cleaning/rebuild or will it require more? I may have found a set of good carbs. Does the 1993 XP use the same carbs as the 1994 XP?
  11. L

    93 GTS won't start

    I have a 1993 Sea Doo GTS that won't start. My daughter went out to use it one day and it turned over several times but didn't start (which isn't unusual). Then she tried it again and it wouldn't turn over. The battery is fully charged and in good shape. It won't turn-over, it just clicks...
  12. B

    Hand Cranking?

    So I'm checking my 1993 GTX and at this point I'm almost certain that the starter is bad. But I want to make sure that the engine isn't seized. I'm NOT experienced with PWC, but I found where the engine can be cranked by hand (directly behind the motor under the plastic cover, right?). My...
  13. B

    93 GTX Won't Start

    Okay, so it's time for me to be more specific. I'm trying to get this 1993 GTX started and really I don't have much experience with seadoos. I started off with a new battery. A CB16L-B 12V. It's what was already in the seadoo, but I was able to determine that the old battery was shot...
  14. B

    93 GTX - Quick Question

    Just a real quick question here... I'm doing some work on a friend's 93 GTX 3-seater and I'm unfamiliar with the craft in question. Is there a water hose hookup on this model? If so, where is it at? I want to try firing it up but I don't like running them dry. Thanks for your help!
  15. Freshwater_Doug

    1993 SPX - No spark...

    Hey guys! I'm working on my brother's 1993 SPX and we found that he has no spark. I pulled out the gray box and found that the 15 amp fuse was blown. Further investigation showed that the yellow recifier wire had rubbed down and arc'd out on the positive post of the solenoid. There were a few...