Need seat options for 2000 Speedster Sk (yellow)

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I'm sure I'm not the only person with this problem. I have a 2000 Speedster Sk and needing to replace ALL the seats. I understand the seats are discontinued for this year and model. Has anyone tried to replace their 2000 Speedster SK seats with seats from the newer models 200 or Challenger series? They are the typical bucket style seating. Going crazy trying to find these seats!
Not searching very hard... :)

Goto google and enter "seadoo upholstery" the first link, he does great work and cheap..
Yeah recover yours. The guy previously mentioned does awesome work. however, he does not have the pattern for these boats yet. I am trying to get it worked out to send him mine for research, but havent had time to do it yet. A local shop may be your best bet.

Also, what motor is in your boat? I am really confused. I thought they only made the SK in 99, so I went and looked and there is a 2000 model listed. But I thought they only offered the yellow boat in 99. The way to know the difference for sure is the motor. If it has the 2 motors it is a 99. If it has the single mercury motor it is indeed a yellow 2000 and I learned something new.
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