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  • Tim, are you still out there? I need some work done on my skis and you're the man. Send me a note to let me know you're still alive.

    Hey all, I'm looking for Tim from Lake Elsinore. He changed his number and I need some work done. Does any one know how to contact him?
    Hello guys could anybody tell me where I could find a place where I could get parts for my boat. I need an impeller and wear ring for my 1996 Seadoo challenger? I would really appreciate the help. trying to save money by doing it my self and getting intimate with my boat
    Im in Los Angeles Ca. but if there's a place where I could get parts at a decent price, please let me know...thx
    thanks for the advise i have a guy looking at my ski now and he assures me its a spark prob he thiks the mag is rusted causing a weak intermitted spark
    Hi, please let me know what your have and what you want for the impellers that will would on my 96speedster.
    How do you check the battery voltage at 5500 rpm. Can't I just take it to autozone and get it tested. If there is a voltage drop why does it reduce RPM
    hey man i was cleaning my rave valves on the gtx that wont go above 45 and im missing one spring under the cap of the rear rave valve could this be why im not going faster or would that just hurt the low end since the valve is wide open anyways i have to wait a week and a half to get a new spring (thats how long it takes to recieve from the local shop) after i clean the carbs and put that on i will let you know how it ran thanks
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so-cal foo
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97 XP..building motor,
96xp w/97gsx guts,
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In fact ,it would have trouble pulling a slippery stick out of a dogs clacker