Need advice on seadoo rxt is 260

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Hi guys. Im kinda new to seadoo jetskis and currently i own two kawasaki 260 ultras and want to purchase a seadoo rxt is 260. I really like the fact that it has the intelligent suspension. But ive heard from others (who know a lot about jet skis) that if you get water somewhere in the hull or in any where else thats below the suspension that the hull is no good and that you need to get a completely new jetski. After hearing this im really not sure if i should purchase it. I need some positive things about it that can change my mind.


Any advice would be much appreciated
Sounds like a load of crap to me. These things are meant to be ridden and if they broke that easily, there would be class-action law suits against BRP. With any PWC, I'd highly recommend an exended warranty however.
i heard this from one of the mechanics at the place i bought it at like i said they said that the hull would get corroded or something like that but i need to hear positive things about this jetski so i can purchase it. i REALLY wanna buy it but im not sure
I've said this before, and people didn't like it... BUT........


Can the suspension get corroded in the new hull.... sure it can. But if you are washing it down after you ride it... then it will last just as long as any other ski out there.

Right now, there are no known issues with that design. Trust me... if there were issues, we would know about it here (since people would be complaining) and as said above... there would be law suites.
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sounds good enough to me. thanks. but if i just take good care of it that wont happen? cause i take very good care of my skis
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