1. P.W.R 96 xp 800

    Kawasaki polaris di fitch boxes Do they interchange?

    I have a question and wondering if the fitch box from a polaris like a genises is interchangible to like a kawasaki 1100 di fitch box any info would be great!
  2. schmu

    X2 or a stand up?

    even tho these are not seadoos i am just asking, would you prefer getting a kawasaki X2 or a standup?? which one is easier/funner (not a word) to drive?? thanks a lot, i was just wondering. X2s looks sick in my opinion
  3. K

    1997 Kawasaki 1100 STX

    Bought this ski a few years ago and have never really had any problems with it...until this past weekend. Now it is idling high, rattling in the back end, acceleration seems to be sluggish. I have never torn one of these things apart n would really appreciate any help!!!

    02 rx d.i performance advice

    Blew the RX D.I, bad oiler, shelled the rear rod/piston. I am about to purchase the Hot Rods crank and .50 mm overbore WSM top end kit. Is this a good setup and will i see a performance increase at all? I would figure yes on the regular 951 carb setup but on a D.I? Will the D.I perform ok with a...
  5. jetskier260

    Need advice on seadoo rxt is 260

    Hi guys. Im kinda new to seadoo jetskis and currently i own two kawasaki 260 ultras and want to purchase a seadoo rxt is 260. I really like the fact that it has the intelligent suspension. But ive heard from others (who know a lot about jet skis) that if you get water somewhere in the hull or in...